5 Most Popular Degree in Cambridge For International Students

5 Most Popular Degree in Cambridge For International Students
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Cambridge is renowned across the world for its outstanding and significant educational institutions. This charming city is home to both Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Cambridge, which each year welcome hundreds of students. It is understandable why degree in Cambridge is a well-liked option for students with such amazing amenities situated in a culturally rich city.

Founded in 1209, University of Cambridge is the third-oldest university in the world. For many years, Cambridge has been at the forefront of global education, producing scholars, innovators, and leaders. The university is home to some of the most prestigious departments in the world that offer excellent degrees with industry-relevant curriculum. It also provides excellent student accommodation in Cambridge options.

The Top 5 Degree Programmes in Cambridge for Foreign Students

In the workplace, some degrees are more beneficial than others. A graduate’s employability is affected by a number of factors, including the demand and supply of their skills in the labour market, the reputation and quality of the educational institutions that trained them, and other considerations. The following are a few of Cambridge’s most marketable degrees:

1. Computer Science

There is a great need for computer science courses these days. Technological improvements have led to an increase in demand for computers, which in turn has created a burgeoning market for people in this business. Cambridge University will educate you the course’s theoretical and practical components to help you understand. The annual cost of a computer science course is around INR 39,47,464.

Other costs include the living expenses and the cost of Cambridge student accommodation.

2. Accounting and Finance

Finances and Accounting is one of the most popular courses among students. The training provides access to a wide range of management and commerce professional backgrounds. Make sure, though, that taking management courses will come at an exorbitant expense. For these courses, the annual general tuition charge ranges from INR 26 L to 40 L.

3. BA in Education

An undergraduate degree programme lasting three years is the BA in Education. After a broad, required introduction in year one, this adaptable interdisciplinary programme gives you the option to choose papers from a variety of fields or to concentrate more intently on a specific topic you’d want to study in greater detail. Excellent preparation is offered by this course for a variety of master’s degrees and PhD research courses at Cambridge and other universities.

Studying this course, you can well prepare for your masters in your student housing in Cambridge.

4. Architecture, BA (Hons)

At Cambridge, architecture offers the chance for creative design along with the intellectual demands of the arts and sciences.

Examine the philosophy and history of urban planning, architecture, inclusive design, and participatory architecture. You will also study about environmental design, structural design, and construction.

Studying at Cambridge University’s Department of Architecture is a fascinating experience. It is regarded as one of the top architecture programmes in the entire globe. A Design degree that integrates architecture, engineering, and materials science is also available from the department.

You will have the chance to push the limits of the subject and develop your own skills in fascinating new directions on the architecture course.

This course includes:

  • Design education via studio work instructed by licenced architects;
  • history and theory lectures on architecture and urbanism;
  • technical lectures on building, environment, and structure construction

5. Psychological and Behavioural Sciences

All facets of psychology are covered in the fascinating, all-encompassing, and flexible degree programme in psychological and behavioural sciences. Within the larger framework of the behavioural sciences, students are exposed to a variety of topics in the field of psychology and will get instruction from specialists in cognitive, social, developmental, and biological psychology. Students are assigned to research groups in their senior year to work on independent projects that have the potential to yield novel findings in the fields they have selected.


One of the best places to live and study in the UK is Cambridge, which is home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world. All kinds of accommodation in Cambridge can be found here.

But life at Cambridge is about much more than just academics, as it is at every university. The city of Cambridge itself offers a plethora of exciting and enjoyable things to keep you busy when you’re not in lectures. Cambridge is a cultural hotspot, with everything from bustling live music venues to striking art galleries to a thriving dance and theatrical scene.

With so much to do, Cambridge is unquestionably the best city to study in if you want to be in an area that is stunning and rich in culture and history. There is a range of options for student housing in Cambridge.

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