How to Get Student Accommodation near KCL University?

How to Get Student Accommodation near KCL University?
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London has long been a top pick for students looking to study in the UK’s top cities. While all international students are aware of the city’s academic requirements, few are aware of their options when it comes to renting a room near KCL University in London.

The majority of students concur that their time spent studying in London was excellent. Here are located some of the most esteemed academic institutions in the world, including Westminster, UCL, Kings College, and LSE, to mention a few.

A significant component of this trip is your lodging. Your studies (as well as your social life) will immediately benefit from choosing the ideal location that fits your schedule and budget.

In light of this, we’ve put together this thorough guide to help you choose the best private student accommodation in London and make the most of your stay in the city.

1. Establish a Budget

You must determine how much you can afford for your student housing before you can take any further action. Budgeting is very important because of the high expense of living and lodging in London.

The largest item on your list of outgoings will most likely be your lodging expenses. We wouldn’t advise choosing the cheapest place you discover, despite the temptation to do so. Cheap lodging is typically found in more rural areas of the city, and the quality of the lodging might be very low.

However, you also don’t want to spend all of your money on pricey lodging and leave nothing left over to fully enjoy London. Therefore, you should determine how much you can afford each month before you begin searching for a place to live on Google.

2. Decide the Neighbourhood You Like Best

London is a very diverse city, and where you choose to live will have a big impact on how you experience it. To make their commute as easy as possible, many students choose to reside close to their campus building; others make this decision based on other considerations, such as personal preferences or financial limitations. While some people value being close to college, many others would prefer to give priority to London neighbourhoods that are more suited for the younger population and have a higher concentration of students.

3. Consider the Safety

While searching for London student accommodation, the area’s level of safety is crucial to consider. It is usually a good idea to find out how secure the lodging is as well as how well-lit the area is at night.

When looking for student housing, make sure that your safety comes first because it is the most crucial factor.

4. Recognise the Various Rental Options

The process of locating student housing in London differs slightly from that of a regular city rental search. Students actually have a lot more options at their disposal, particularly if this is their first year of college. London apartments typically fall into one of two categories: private accommodations or resident halls. Here are some brief expectations for each.

  • Halls of Residence
  • Private Accommodation
  • Furnished Accommodation
  • Short-Term Rental
  • Coliving
  • Unfurnished

5. Act quickly

While there are many of accommodation options for students, as the enrollment date draws near, demand for them increases. The sooner you begin your house hunt, the better; if a London student housing property or a certain room catches your eye, set up a viewing as soon as you can.

6. Set up online viewings and begin your search

Using local and national search engines is one of the finest ways to get your search going. You’ll be able to grasp the rental costs in various parts of London and comprehend precisely what kinds of rentals are offered in each neighbourhood by conducting preliminary study.

The majority of estate agents publish rental properties on their websites, so you can obtain all the information before you start inspecting anything.

7. Recognise What to Look for in Housing for Students

You’re almost ready to start your search now that you’ve decided on your budget, are familiar with the various kinds of housing, and know where you want to live in London.

You’ll need to sort through the vast array of lodging options in London to find the best fit. The following actions will help to guarantee that you locate the ideal lodging for your needs:

  • Check the Price
  • Check What’s Included
  • Check the Tenancy Length

If you are attending KCL University and looking for a accommodation for students then Emily Bowes Court London would be your best choice.

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