7 Things The United Kingdom Is Famous For

7 Things The United Kingdom Is Famous For
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The United Kingdom is one of the world’s most amazing tourist destinations. Whether for the iconic hustle and bustle of the city, here you can find some of the wild and mysterious Scottish Highlands or the charm of Cardiff. There is a lot to love about the land of the Queen and pubs. Whether you are planning to stay someday or brush up on the knowledge of Great Britain, here are some of the best things which the UK is renowned for:

Here is the list of the 7 things the UK is famous for

1. The Royals:

The royal family is without any doubt one of the best things that comes to mind when thinking about the UK. After all, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding was viewed by 1.9 billion viewers around the globe. As per the Statista, monarchy tourism is one of the UK’s biggest pulls for revenue. The British monarchy is one of the most iconic places across the world known for its former power and the respect it has even now. At Newcastle, you can find some of the best Newcastle student accommodation.

2. Stonehenge:

Around 10 miles North of the historic hub of Salisbury, lies one of the most recognized prehistoric monuments over here which is Stonehenge. If you are in the UK, then this place should be on your bucket list. There is much to learn over here. what was the purpose of putting them there and who did that? Was it an ancient site of worship or was its main purpose a burial ground? These stones are quite mysterious and even historians and archaeologists are baffled from years together. Once you are there you will know why they are so famous. From student accommodation in Newcastle, you can explore this city easily.

3. Historical Universities:

The UK knows a thing or two when it comes to academics. Being a student, you will want to study in such universities. After all, it is the birthplace of iconic universities across the world like Oxford and Cambridge. Both universities were established in 1096 and 1209 respectively. There is also the University of St. Andrews, which is Scotland’s first university which was founded in the year 1413. Moreover, the roots of the University of Edinburgh go back to 1583.

4. Football:

The United Kingdom has this unwavering love for football which has lasted for centuries. It is not hard to see why. Especially since the English invested in the top-notch sport way back in the year 1170. In the centuries since, football has become the top-notch sport globally with more than 4 billion followers worldwide. Many of the world’s top-notch footballers hail from the UK like John Charles, George Best as well as Bobby Moore.

5. Stunning Castles:

Providing the United kingdom’s royal notability over the centuries, it is no wonder that the nation has boasted some of the best picturesque castles.

You can go to the countryside of Britain and come across many ruined castles, fortresses, and citadels which shine a light on the United kingdom’s fairytale-esque days. From the Normans to the Tutors which boasts more than 4000 castles scattered throughout the emerald green hills. Take your friends from student apartments in Newcastle and explore the beauty of different castles.

6. Fish and chips:

British food is not recognized or renowned cuisine across the world. If there is one thing for which the United kingdom’s food scene is renowned for its most amazing fish and chips. You can get a big helping of haddock which has been fried to the high heavens and is laid on a bed of piping hot chips that have been salted just enough. Match that with an ice-cold English pale ale and you have got a meal worth raving about. When you are bored cooking in your student rooms in Newcastle, you can go out and taste the most beautiful fish and chips.

7. The Scottish Highlands:

you can find some landscapes that wow as well as captivate quite such as the majestic Scottish Highlands. This place is notable for sweeping vistas found in the Isle of Skye, Ben Nevis as well as Glen Coe, the far north region that has earned its stripes. This region is much more than just beauty. It is steeped in history dating back to the millennia from Neolithic ruins such as Slara Brae to the tranquil loch castles such as the Eilean Donan.

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