A Life of a Student in Lyon | Study, Cost of Living, Universities, Career

A Life of a Student in Lyon | Study, Cost of Living, Universities, Career
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What’s not to love about living in this city? It is loved and admired by many eyes far and wide! France’s 2nd university town? Yes, you heard that right! This is one of the best places for students to live, study and thrive in Europe. Being in the heart of Europe, it’s a promised land to give you the best student experience that most cities in France have.

Lyon is amazing for students, good for students as it offers more than prestigious universities to study in but provides an overall best experience for students. When it comes to quality of life, this place takes the lead, and then with a huge student population, you will never feel out of place in this city. With many universities sought by students from across the globe, you can network and make friends easily.

When it comes to the cost of living for students, it is a bit on the higher side of things as compared to many cities. On average, the cost of living in this city will come to about €1,938 covering the cost of your rent, food, travel and other expenses. This will however not cover the cost of your tuition fees while studying in this city. Please bear in mind that the living expenses in Lyon will depend on your lifestyle, spending and eating habits too.

Accommodation: €400 to €700/month

· Food: €150 to €200/month

· Electricity/gas/water: €50 to €150/month

· Telephone/ internet: approx. €25/month

· Transport: €25/month

· Leisure and going out: approx. €50/month

There are also many things to do in lyon for students as it is a student-friendly city. You have many study spaces for one if you want to take a break from your studies. Then, you have the pristine and natural beauty of the place that offers you a wide range of outdoor activities which you can experience during your free time from study. Then in the city, you will find many cultural events taking place in the form of arts, museums and even tons of festivals that you will not be able to keep count of!

Lyon for students’ rentals is super easy to find in any part of the neighbourhood. If you want to stay on and off-campus accommodation, you have a wide range of options to choose from in this city. Being quite an expensive city, you can always opt for affordable types of accommodation. The off-campus seems to offer a good deal to students with budget-friendly prices that have taken many students by storm!

There is private student accommodation in Lyon that offers the best deal on price with many options to choose from, be it student rooms or Lyon for students apartments, they are located close to the university campus. And guess what the deal breaker is? It’s low in price, comes in fully furnished and equipped with the best facilities in the house. So, it’s a whole-in-one package!

The transportation is something else in Lyon, it’s very easy to get by in Lyon as there is a good and easy network of public transportation. There are buses and metros that will get you anywhere you want in the city. If you want to save money on travel, you should try and get a travel student discount card, let’s just give you an idea of the travel pass; so for a one-time ticket, it will cost you around €2 but €58 for a month!

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