Universities And Colleges in Delft for International Students

Universities And Colleges in Delft for International Students
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If you are a student seeking to study in Delft, you should get to know more about the city. First and foremost, it is a city in the north province of the Netherlands and differs from the southern part of the city in many ways. The northern part of the country is very historic with a blend of modernization in it. But as far as the southern part goes, that is where modernity speaks in terms of development, universities, museums, parks, galleries, and it’s easy to
even find Student Accommodation Delft at ease!

In terms of universities, there are two top institutions in Delft, which are listed below in detail:

Delft University of Technology

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As one of the oldest and largest public technical universities, many students seek to study at this institution. At present, there are over 25, 000 who study various subjects. It was founded in 1842 and has ever since been the top-class research institution with 128,002 scientific papers published and 3,037,992 citations received.

The research profile covers a range of fields, including Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Quantum
and Particle physics, Environmental Science, and Geology. Biology, Materials Science, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences.

Some of the major popular STEM subjects are:

Civil and structural engineering
• Mechanical engineering
• Environmental studies
• Engineering and Technology Architecture

Did you know this is one in a unique university? There’s the Delft University Fund which supports the research and education of the students through many initiatives and projects. With help in the form of donations from students, alumni, foundations and private entities, the institution has helped students who dream of flying high, and we support them to impact society.

The mission of the university is to impact a better society, and it has been following that for a while now! This is also the university home to the largest university campuses in the world featuring parks, cycle paths, a garden, a lab, a media centre and many others to enhance the living and experience of the students on the campus.

IHE delft institute for water education:


It was founded in 1957 and was formerly known as UNESCO IHE institute for water education having the largest student UG international population from training to 23,000 professionals from over 190 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. With the water crisis in the world, the vision of the university is to ease poverty and injustice in the world so that the world can manage water and natural resources sustainably and equitably.

This is one university that stands in commitment to making a positive impact by teaching the students everything there is to know and learn about water education and how they can contribute to making the world a better place to live in! Some of the courses in this university you can avail to are: the short term courses which are on-line and off-line courses, then for those of you interested in the MSc Programmes, there’s the Water and Sustainable Development and the Research MSc in Water and Sustainable Development, for PhD Programme, students are given a program designed to have an impact and prepare you for academic and senior technical careers.

Lastly, you have tailor-made programs like studying the solutions for water sector organizations. Now that you have the details on the two universities, it is time to get to know the cost of living in Delft.

As a student, you can keep a budget of around 800 – 1,100 Euros/month which will cover the cost of your student housing Delft, food, travel and other expenses. Please take note that this will not cover your tuition fee in the country. The living expenses will also depend on your lifestyle, spending and eating habits. Choosing private shared student accommodation Delft might be a good way to save that extra money on rent.

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