Top Student Housing Available in Indianapolis

Top Student Housing Available in Indianapolis
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Indianapolis, colloquially known as Indy, is one of the cities in the United States of America, which attract many international students from different parts of the world. Indianapolis is the capital city of the US state of Indiana and lies along the White River’s West Fork close to its confluence with Fall Creek. 

Indianapolis boasts several excellent universities and colleges among which IUPUI, Butler University, and Marian University are the major universities. Quite obviously, when students enroll in a university or college in Indianapolis, their first requirement happens to be accommodation. A wide range of student accommodations are available in this city. 

Here, you will read about the top student housing available in Indiana. 

The Avenue 

“The Avenue” is an off-campus student housing property available in Indianapolis. This student housing Indianapolis boasts amenities for different aspects of students’ lives. This property is close to some major educational institutions in this city. IUPUI is only a 7-minutes’ walk away from this property. On this property, you can book a room in an apartment or a studio. 

A study room is provided to students in this property where they can study without any disturbance and in a calm ambiance. Moreover, if you are living in The Avenue, you also find a gym in the complex of your student accommodation Indianapolis with advanced workout equipment for your daily workouts. A swimming pool is also here for your leisure where you can enjoy swimming, bathing, playing in the water, and sitting on the deck. 

A television with a cable connection is also offered to students so you can watch entertainment channels, news channels, sports channels, discovery channels, music channels, devotional channels, and more according to your interests. An internet connection with Wi-Fi is also offered to students for their studies, online shopping, real-time messaging, video calling, online voice calling, entertainment, and all other online tasks. 

Furthermore, there is a lounge area here where you can meet other residents and befriend them. Heating facilities are also here so you can keep your rooms warm in the winter season. 

Moreover, The Avenue is a pet-friendly property, so you can keep your pets here without any worries.  

Besides, kitchens in the apartments and the studio here are fully-equipped and you find all kitchen appliances here. Sofas, coffee tables, and a lot of other things are provided to students. There is also a balcony here for the relaxation of students. A secure door entry is provided to every student in The Avenue for the safety of belongings. 

Stuart St – 1429831 

“Stuart St – 1429831” is a private apartment in Indianapolis, which is different from the student apartment Indianapolis. Apart from student housing, international students in Indianapolis have the option to book rooms in private rental apartments, and it is one such apartment. It is a shared apartment where you can book a room. It is located in the Stuart St area in Indianapolis. 

You get a study desk and chair for your studies in this private apartment. Moreover, an internet connection is provided for your studies and other online tasks. 

How to Get Perfect Student Housing in Indianapolis 

It is very easy today to find perfect student housing in Indianapolis due to the availability of online sources. There are some online student accommodation service platforms where you can find student housing properties in different cities in the world, and one such platform is 

On, you can find lists of student housing properties, private rental apartments, and homestays in different cities in different countries. These three types of accommodations can be found under different tabs. You are required to visit the page of the city where you need accommodation by searching its name in the search box. There, you also find options to compare multiple properties or apartments on a single webpage and filter the lists on different bases. 

In this case, you are required to enter “Indianapolis” in the search box to find student housing and private apartment in Indianapolis. You can find the abovementioned student housing property and private apartment there. You can also read their details by clicking the name or image of the student housing property and private apartment. 

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