6 Ways to Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day

6 Ways to Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day
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Every mother puts forth a great deal of effort to meet our demands daily.  They cook our meals, help us with homework, drive us to activities, do laundry, and so much more. Mother’s Day is a chance for us kids to give back just a little bit and show our moms how grateful we are for all they do. Instead of just picking up a card at the store, we have some creative ideas that are sure to surprise Mom and make her feel extra special.

Attempting to surprise your mother on her special day will mean the world to her. Read on for six unique ways to say “Thank you, Mom!” that she will love!

1. Make Her Breakfast in Bed

Most mornings, it’s your mom who wakes up early to make you breakfast before school. On Mother’s Day, you can return the favor by fixing her breakfast and bringing it to her while she’s still sleeping. Make her favorite foods like pancakes, eggs, or fresh fruit. Add a flower from your garden or a small bouquet you picked yourself from a local florist in Philadelphia. We are sure mom will love waking up to a delicious breakfast she didn’t have to make!

2. Write Her a Poem or Letter

Instead of a store-bought card, try writing Mom a poem or letter telling her why she’s the best. Share special memories you have together or things she does to help you that you appreciate. Decorate it with drawings, stickers, or fancy paper. Fold it neatly and put it in an envelope. Your handwritten card will show Mom how much thought and effort you put into it.

3. Give Her a Homemade Coupon Book

Cut rectangles of paper or cardstock into strips and write things mom can “cash in” like a back massage, cleaning her car, doing the dishes, or letting her pick the movie for family night. Hole punch the tops and tie them together with a ribbon. Moms always do nice things for us – now you can return the favor!

4. Make Her a Scrapbook or Photo Album

Find pictures of you and your mom through the years like at holidays, vacations, birthday parties, or school events. Write captions underneath explaining who’s in each photo and what was going on. Paste the photos onto pages and decorate them with stickers, labels, or washi tape. At the end, write a sweet message about how much mom means to you. Look through old photos together and share memories!

5. Plan a Picnic in the Park

Instead of a regular sit-down meal, pack a basket full of your mom’s favorites like sandwiches, fresh fruit, veggies, dip, cookies, or brownies. Don’t forget paper plates, napkins, and drinks too. Surprise her by taking it all to a peaceful park where you can sit under a tree, enjoy the nice weather, and spend quality time chatting together outdoors. If possible surprise her with a gift of Mother’s Day flowers in Philadelphia when your day is over!

6. Give Her a Fragrance or Bath Gift Set

Moms work hard and need to relax sometimes too. Pick out a spa-like gift like a nice-smelling lotion or bubble bath, scented candles, bath bombs, or a pretty room spray. You could also make coupons for giving mom a relaxing at-home spa day with a facial scrub or hair mask. Combine it with dried flowers from a local flower shop in Philadelphia or silk flowers in her favorite color. Having little luxuries to pamper herself with is a great treat for Mother’s Day!

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