7 Amazing Artificial Green Wall Ideas for Home Décor

7 Amazing Artificial Green Wall Ideas for Home Décor
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Artificial vertical green walls are a fashion leader in the current home decoration market, forming a new fashion with the collision of natural elements and modern aesthetics. These creative installations turn greenery inside, making boring walls come to life. Using artificial green wall Singapore is a great way to add some greenery to your inside living areas, especially since the majority of homeowners have free space at a premium. 

Here Are 7 Amazing Artificial Vertical Green Wall Designs:

Zen-inspired Serenity: 

Transform your space into a peaceful retreat by going for an artificial green wall trend inspired by a Zen theme. Adapt elements of Japanese garden design, like bamboo stylings and serene stone formations with evergreen bushes. To make your living space calming and peaceful, choose green hues. Besides adding to the aesthetic, this design helps cultivate a relaxing home environment perfect for one to come home, relax, and recuperate after a long rush day in Singapore.

Artificial Green Wall

Tropical Paradise: 

The tropical paradise even as you stay at home with this Artificial Vertical Green Wall inspired by the gorgeous landscapes of Singapore. Choose from tropical bedding plants, such as ferns, palms, orchids, for a lush tapestry of colors and textures. Incorporate cascading vines and tropical flowers to give your green wall a 3D feeling. It will transport fresh vitality and energy to your abode, like the city’s lush flora.

Artificial Green Wall

Urban Jungle Chic: 

It boasts a chic contemporary artificial green wall to complement Singapore’s cosmopolitan nature. Common well-defined, contemporary design with green plants, and you will undoubtedly get an unforgettable contrast in color that will impress your senses. Add geometric planters and metallic finishes – try a range of textures to make your living green wall look unique and interesting. This contemporary structure cleverly intertwines nature with metropolitan charm, suiting any modern home in Singapore.

Artificial Green Wall

Space-saving Vertical Garden: 

Expand the vertical real estate in your Singapore home with a space-saving vertical garden that also functions as a piece of art. Another way of bringing the outdoors inside is to pay more attention to vertical wall space and hanging vines in potted plants in and around the home. Add angle planters and trellises to curate the shape of your vertical garden, which is most convenient and provides flexibility. This groundbreaking solution does more than liven up home decor – it also purifies the air in Singapore’s concrete jungle and helps create a healthier home.

Artificial Green Wall

Artistic Statement Piece: 

Turn your boring walls into beautiful artwork with this artistic artificial green wall, creating a wild statement in your home decoration. Design a unique green fence that suits your style and tastes by playing with shapes, patterns, and textures. Combine with green botanicals to create interest and depth in your neutral repose. From a bold geometric pattern to a playful, nature-inspired mural, this artsy green wall will serve as the centerpiece of your Singapore living room.

Artificial Green Wall

Environmentally Sustainable: 

Enjoy eco-friendly living with our ecologically sustainable artificial green wall that promotes the conservation of the environment and sustainability in Singapore. Low maintenance – pick native species and plants that do not require much water. Make a striking green wall using recycled materials and other sustainable design practices. This eco-friendly method not only helps add character to your home decor but also reduces the amount of harmful waste generated, adding to a better future in Singapore and for the world.

Artificial Green Wall

Seasonal Showcase: 

Celebrate Singapore’s vibrant seasons with a seasonal showcase of the best faux green walls, which transform through the year to mirror nature’s transitioning palettes and textures. Choose various seasonal plants and flowers to ensure that your living green wall continues to flow from one season to the next – while providing a dynamic visual in your home. Add seasonal accessories such as decorative ornaments and holiday lights for a more festive feel inside your home. It acts as a magnificent centerpiece- an interactive, ever-evolving green wall that represents the seasons of spring in Singapore..

Artificial Green Wall

Budgeting for Your Artificial Green Wall in Singapore

The installation of artificial vertical green wall is a great investment if planned into the budget, considering all costs, including the size of the wall, types of materials used, installation costs, and ongoing maintenance costs. This is a step-by-step guide to plan your budget properly:

  • Determine the Size of the Wall: Measure the wall that you want to cover with poles running Convert. The expense of the wall will greatly depend on the dimensions of the wall as you will need more material and labor to assemble larger walls
  • Choose the Type of Green Wall: Determine the type of faux green wall you wish to install (what you like, what you can afford). This plan can be a pre-made panel, custom-designed installations, modular systems, or a DIY kit. All the options have associated costs, so pick the one that most suits your budget and your design requirements.
  • Research suppliers and materials: Research the many types of plants, foliage, frames, and irrigation systems that go into artificial green walls. Shop prices from different suppliers and look at quality, longevity, and warranty. Source products at competitive prices from quality suppliers
  • Get Installation Estimates: Speak with various professional installers or landscaping companies to obtain pricing on installing your artificial green wall. The exact cost of installation will depend on a variety of factors: the complexity of the design, how easy it is to get to the wall, and the labor rates in your area. Installation fees must be added to your event cost estimate.


The artificial vertical green wall is a versatile and beautiful solution that can be used in the decoration of houses in Singapore. From modern zen-like calm to uptown jungle cool, these inventive installations enable homeowners to integrate nature into their living, make a lush green oasis, invigorate the senses, and elevate any room. You may choose from a wide range of artificial green wall alternatives in Singaporean home décor to create a quiet retreat or a striking open area that fits the tastes and preferences of all your guests.

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