5 Good Piano Teachers For Kids in Singapore

5 Good Piano Teachers For Kids in Singapore
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It can be very enjoyable to develop a child’s musical ability amid Singapore’s dynamic society. Music encourages confidence, discipline, and creativity. Still, developing a lifetime passion for the piano requires the right piano teacher. This book presents five outstanding and well-known Singaporean piano teachers, each of whom has a special way to start your child’s musical career. From individualised instruction catered to different learning types to comprehensive music instruction, these experts are the epitome of famous piano teachers in Singapore.

With the goal of locating the ideal fit for your child’s needs, this blog presents 5 good piano teacher Singapore, each of whom offers special methods to spark your child’s musical journey. These teachers are the epitome of a superb piano teacher in Singapore; they offer comprehensive music education as well as individualized lessons catered to different learning styles.

1. Melodious Piano Studio: Where Playful Learning Meets Musical Mastery

Image By Melodious Piano Studio
Image By Melodious Piano Studio

Image By Melodious Piano Studio

Melodious Piano Studio takes a child-centered approach, transforming piano lessons into engaging adventures. Their philosophy, “Active Learning Piano Mind,” goes beyond memorization. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Interactive Learning: They utilize innovative games, activities, and technology to keep children engaged and motivated.
  • Personalized Instruction: Their experienced teachers tailor lessons to each child’s learning style and pace, ensuring a comfortable and effective learning environment.
  • Holistic Development: Melodious Piano Studio focuses not only on technical skills but also on music theory, aural training, and musicality, fostering a well-rounded understanding of music.
  • Performance Opportunities: Students can showcase their talent in student recitals and music festivals, building confidence and stage presence.
  • Happy Parents, Happy Learners: Melodious Piano Studio boasts a loyal following. Parents rave about the studio’s ability to nurture a love for music in their children while equipping them with valuable piano skills.
Where On-site
Trial Available
Locations • Yishun
• Hougang
• Bukit Merah
Phone 65 9699 3214
Website Melodious Piano Studio

2. LVL Music Academy: Unleashing Musical Potential Through Individuality

Image By LVL Music Academy
Image By LVL Music Academy

 Image By LVL Music Academy

At LVL Music Academy, the focus is on empowering each child’s unique musical voice. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Experienced Faculty: The academy boasts a team of passionate and highly qualified piano instructors with extensive experience in nurturing young musicians.
  • Customized Learning Plans: LVL goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. They create personalized learning plans tailored to each child’s goals and musical aspirations.
  • Diverse Musical Styles: From classical masterpieces to contemporary hits, LVL offers a wide variety of musical programs to cater to every child’s taste.
  • Performance Opportunities: Students are encouraged to showcase their skills on stage, participating in regular student concerts and recitals. This builds confidence and fosters a sense of community among young musicians.
  • Nurturing a Lifelong Love of Music: LVL’s approach goes beyond technical proficiency. They aim to cultivate a lifelong appreciation for music, inspiring students to continue their musical journey.
Where • School
• Home
• Online
Age From 4 years old
Trial Available
Location Chinatown
Prices From S$50/lesson
Address 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace
Singapore 168976
Opening hours Mon & Thu 12:00 – 20:00
Tue, Wed & Fri 10:00 – 20:00
Sat & Sun 09:00 – 18:00
Website LVL Music Academy

3. D-Flat Studios: Cultivating Excellence in a Nurturing Environment

Image By D Flat Studios
Image By D Flat Studios

Image By D Flat Studios

D-Flat Studios prioritizes excellence in piano education while creating a warm and supportive learning environment. Here’s a glimpse into their approach:

  • Structured Curriculum: The studio implements a well-structured curriculum specifically designed for young learners, providing a strong foundation in piano technique while fostering musical growth. Additionally, it offers state-of-the-art piano practice rooms in Singapore, creating an inspiring environment conducive to focused practice and optimal learning.
  • Experienced Teachers: D-Flat Studios houses a team of dedicated and qualified piano instructors who are passionate about nurturing a love for music in children.
  • Technology Integration: The studio utilizes technology to enhance the learning experience. Interactive apps and programs can make practicing piano more fun and engaging for young students.
  • Celebrating Achievements: D-Flat Studios recognizes and celebrates the achievements of their students. Participation in competitions and music festivals is encouraged, providing opportunities to showcase their talent and dedication.
  • Building Confidence: D-Flat Studios goes beyond technical skills. They create a supportive and encouraging environment where children can build confidence and express themselves creatively through music.
Where On-site
Aged From 3 years old
Class size 1-to-1
Operation > 10 years
Trial Available
Address 356 Tanglin Road
Belvedere Block A, Level 3
Singapore 247674
Phone 65 6871 4010
Opening hours Mon-Fri 10:00 – 21:00
Sat & Sun 09:00 – 18:00
Website D-Flat Studios

4. Aureus Academy: A Renowned Music School Offering Personalized Instruction

Image By Aureus Academy
Image By Aureus Academy

Image By Aureus Academy

Aureus Academy is a leading music school in Singapore, known for its dedication to providing a well-rounded musical education. Here’s what makes them stand out:

  • Dedicated Faculty: The academy boasts a team of passionate and highly qualified piano instructors. Their diverse backgrounds ensure students receive a comprehensive and enriching piano education.
  • Personalized Learning: Aureus Academy recognizes the importance of individual attention. Lessons are tailored to each student’s needs and learning style, maximizing progress and enjoyment.
  • Progressive Curriculum: The academy’s curriculum is designed to progressively challenge and nurture musical development in children. Students learn essential piano techniques, music theory concepts, and sight-reading skills.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Aureus Academy provides a conducive learning environment with well-equipped classrooms and access to high-quality pianos.
  • Performance Opportunities: Students are encouraged to participate in regular student recitals and music festivals. This provides valuable stage experience and builds confidence in young musicians.

Piano Lesson Rates

  • S$249 for four 30-minute lessons
  • S$369 for four 45-minute lessons
  • S$495 for four 60-minute lessons
Teaching mode On-site
Aged From 4 years old
Centers 19
Class size 1-to-1
Trial Available
Website Aureus Academy

5. The Happy Pianist: Bringing the Joy of Piano Lessons Online

Image By Happy Pianist
Image By Happy Pianist

Image By Happy Pianist

Distance is no barrier to learning piano with The Happy Pianist! They revolutionize piano education by offering engaging and effective lessons online. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Engaging and Energetic Instructors: The Happy Pianist team consists of passionate and energetic piano teachers who make online lessons interactive and fun.
  • Flexible Learning: The online platform allows for a flexible learning schedule, perfect for busy families or those with hectic lifestyles.
  • Creative and Interactive Lessons: The Happy Pianist utilizes innovative online tools and games to keep children engaged and motivated during their virtual lessons.
  • Special Programs and Events: The Happy Pianist goes beyond traditional lessons. They organize fun and interactive online workshops, group classes, and even virtual recitals to foster a sense of community among their students.
  • Success Stories: The Happy Pianist boasts numerous success stories. Parents rave about the convenience and effectiveness of their online platform. “[Quote about the positive experience with online learning from a satisfied parent],” shared one happy parent.

Piano Lesson Rates

  • Beginners – $25/30min to $70/hr
  • Grade 1 – $35/45min to $70/hr
  • Grade 2 – $40/45min to $70/hr
  • Grade 3 – $45/45min to $70/hr
  • Grade 4 – $50/45min to $80/hr
  • Grade 5 – $55/hr to $80/hr
  • Grade 6 – $60/hr to $85/hr
  • Grade 7 – $65/hr to $90/hr
  • Grade 8 – $70/hr to $110/hr
  • Diploma – $80/hr to $120/hr
Operation Since 2014
Where • Student’s home
• Teacher’s place
Trial Available
Class size 1-to-1
Rates From $25/30min
Website The Happy Pianist


It doesn’t have to be a difficult process to find your child the ideal piano instructor in Singapore. Five outstanding piano teachers have been introduced to you in this book; each one has a special way of igniting your child’s musical career. Every child’s learning style and musical goals can be met with a customized learning plan at LVL Music Academy or with the fun and engaging classes at Melodious Piano School. You may also simply discover piano lessons for kids near me thanks to their handy locations and flexible scheduling choices.

Choose with your child’s personality, learning style, and musical interests in mind. See what’s available, book some basic lessons, and watch as your child’s enthusiasm and inventiveness grow as they start their musical journey!

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