Practical Ways to Schedule Posts on LinkedIn

Practical Ways to Schedule Posts on LinkedIn
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LinkedIn is the best spot to meet professionals and interact with them. That’s why it has become the hub for B2B businesses to reach new prospects. Marketers are working hard to create a complete, high-quality LinkedIn page and publish quality content there. But that’s not enough. 

It’s not all about posting content on LinkedIn. A consistent online presence also matters a lot. This can be challenging for many businesses, especially those with limited resources or time. Fortunately, LinkedIn offers free tools that allow you to schedule your posts in advance so you can plan your content strategy more efficiently and organised.

Keep reading to discover how to schedule posts on LinkedIn, which will help you plan your marketing strategy well ahead of time.

How to Schedule LinkedIn Posts?

LinkedIn has introduced a native scheduling tool in 2022. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1

Sign in to the LinkedIn account and start creating your post. Type out the text, add relevant hashtags, and include a photo or link (if needed).

Step 2 

After you have created a post, click the clock icon at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Step 3

Then, select a time and day for your posts to go live on LinkedIn, and click Next.

Step 4

At the end, hit the Schedule button. This tool allows you to review your post before you do.

After following all these quick steps, you can schedule your posts on LinkedIn for the best time slots.

Other Tools for Scheduling Posts on LinkedIn

Although the LinkedIn scheduling tool is helpful, it still has some restrictions. For example, it does not let you reschedule your posts, and you can’t edit content once you have hit the done button. 

Plus, it does not allow you to schedule your posts 3 months in advance. Due to all these limitations, various companies have created different third-party tools to allow a better scheduling experience for marketers. Some of these are as follows:


Buffer is a useful social media management tool that lets marketers schedule and publish their content on every social media channel from a single dashboard. To use it, you need to link your LinkedIn account to Buffer. 

Then, you can use its dashboard to set up advanced auto-posts for all content you need to publish. Buffer also includes built-in analytics reporting so you can assess how well your posts are performing. 


Hootsuite is another social media marketing and management platform that integrates all your channels into one dashboard with a multi-column layout. It offers to schedule your posts and monitor their engagement in one place.

Once you sync your LinkedIn page with the Hootsuite account, you can use it to schedule your posts individually or in bulk. In addition, you can also use Hootsuite to measure specific results.

Benefits of Scheduling Posts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has proven itself to be the best platform for networking. However, making the most of the platform requires a lot of effort. That makes sense as to why scheduling your LinkedIn posts is so important. Here are key benefits you can acquire when planning your posts on this professional social platform.

1. Boost Engagement

After putting all the effort into building a LinkedIn presence, are your posts still failing to grab the attention of potential clients? There can be various reasons behind this. One of these is that you are not publishing your content on LinkedIn at the optimal time.

If you want your posts to get attention, start scheduling your posts at the peak hours. This will let you avoid dead engagement and increase the likelihood of your target market noticing your content. This will also enable you to participate in relevant discussions and engage with your audience at the right time. 

Hence, by scheduling your posts on this business-oriented social media platform, you can become visible to the people around you and promote your B2B business more effectively.

2. Consistent Presence

The competition on social channels like LinkedIn is quite tough. This means that if you do not maintain a consistent presence here, you are most likely to get lost in the crowd. The most effective way to do this is by regularly sharing your content. 

Scheduling several posts ahead of time will make it easier to ensure comprehensive and consistent posting. It is a well-known fact that regularly published LinkedIn pages can double their engagement.

Therefore, the more consistent your posting schedule, the more likely you will be able to create a brand voice that stays in your audience’s minds.

3. Optimal Timing

Similar to other social media platforms, LinkedIn has specific peak hours when your target audience is most active. By scheduling your posts, you can plan and publish content strategically during these optimal hours. This is how you can increase the likelihood of your posts being viewed, liked, and shared by your intended audience. 

Additionally, you can use various third-party tools. These tools can suggest the best time to post on the platform based on your analytical history, maximising user engagement on your content.

4. Efficient Time Management

As a B2B business owner, you may have a lot on your plate. Thus, publishing content regularly on LinkedIn can sometimes slip from your mind. This can negatively impact your presence on this platform. If you want to avoid all these issues, you must look for scheduling techniques. 

Post-scheduling enables you to allocate specific time slots for strategic planning and content creation. This effective technique can remove the burden, allowing you to upload your content in advance. As a result, this saves you a lot of time and reduces stress.

5. Global Reach

LinkedIn has a user base from every corner of the world. They come from different time zones and locations, which are impossible to track by yourself and post during each specific peak time. Scheduling your posts can allow you to reach your international audience – by considering the time zones of your target audience, you can ensure your content reaches them at the most convenient times.


Level up your LinkedIn presence by scheduling your posts. By doing so, you can get consistent follower engagement. If you don’t schedule your posts, you’ll have to manually post your content, which can be time-consuming and sometimes insufficient.

Plan your posts using different scheduling tools, to make sure your LinkedIn B2B business content strategy thrives. This way, you can execute a consistent and strategic content calendar.


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