Pioneering the Future of Antibody Therapeutics with Nona Biosciences

Pioneering the Future of Antibody Therapeutics with Nona Biosciences
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Nona Biosciences stands at the forefront of biotechnological innovation, offering a fully integrated solution for the discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies. With a mission to empower global biotherapeutic innovation, nona Biosciences leverages its proprietary Harbour Mice® platforms and a highly experienced discovery team to generate fully human monoclonal antibodies in various formats. Their services span the entire R&D spectrum, from antigen preparation and immunization to lead generation, engineering, and comprehensive developability assessment.

Central to Nona’s cutting-edge approach is the utilization of Harbour Mice® and Beacon® single B cell screening platform, facilitating the development of transformative next-generation drugs. The platforms’ unique capability to produce heavy chain only antibodies (HCAbs) and their clinically validated, globally protected H2L2 technology stand as testaments to Nona Biosciences’ commitment to addressing complex therapeutic challenges.

Nona Biosciences‘ flexibility in partnership models and their comprehensive suite of services underscore their role as a pivotal collaborator in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. By fostering innovation and maximizing the value of customer projects, they aim to streamline the pathway from concept to IND, ensuring the advancement of promising biotherapeutics towards clinical success.


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