Make Your Brand Stand Out: The Impact of Custom Eyeliner Boxes

Make Your Brand Stand Out: The Impact of Custom Eyeliner Boxes
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Are you looking to upgrade your old custom eyeliner boxes? Well, you are on the right place. These boxes protect your product and also give it a fresh look. Moreover, they also make it easy for the customers to take the product out of the box, thanks to their well-thought-out design.

However, an eyeliner packaging box is more than just an item case; it adds an absolutely new touch to the product. This article will guide you about the importance, types, and customization of eyeliner packaging boxes. Let’s have a look.

Why Do Custom Eyeliner Boxes Matter?

As stated earlier, custom-printed eyeliner boxes are more than mere simple boxes; they add a whole lot of value to your brand. Let’s dissect the magnitude of these boxes with the help of these points:

1. Functional Protection

Eyeliner boxes protect fragile eyeliner products. During transit, storage, and handling, these boxes protect them from factors like impact, change in climate, and humidity. The added benefit is that they keep the eyeliner in a fresh and usable state until it gets to the hands of the target audience. This betters the item’s shelf life as well as wins the customer’s trust.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

The packaging of the eyeliner improves the brand’s first impression. In fact, a consumer makes up his mind about the product in the first 5 to 7 seconds. Therefore, customized eyeliner stands out from the rest in shops, due to its designs, colors, and finishes. Tailoring also enables the packing to match the company’s brand image and the message it seeks to pass across.

3. Consumer’s Ease of Use

The boxes that are properly designed help in the easy usage. It does not matter if it is a liquid, pencil, or gel eyeliner; the box should be of help to the users. Sleek packing for gel eyeliners and twist-up pointed tips for pencil eyeliners guarantee easy use. For instance, the NARS Climax Liquid Eyeliner has a sharp and precise nip that allows smooth use of the product.

4. Brand Identity

Packaging of the eyeliner should not deviate from the overall image of your brand. Therefore, maintain the harmony of colors, logos, and other images. Using colors can increase brand identity by 80%.

Besides, the box is not just the outer cover, it is a storyteller. It conveys the image of your brand, the kind of company you are, and what sets you apart from the rest. Creating good stories about your brand can help clients to connect emotionally with your item.

5. Market Competition

When everyone is selling the same product, then the packing is what will give you the edge. It grabs eyes and prompts people to learn more. Well-designed and quality packaging is a plus and would depict a quality product. It increases the perceived value of your eyeliner.

6. Environmental Considerations

The use of eco-friendly materials is important in product packing. Almost 64% of buyers prefer buying items from brands that use green materials in their packaging. It is also important to think about the type of packaging material, which should be recyclable or degradable.

Types of Custom Eyeliner Boxes

Eyeliner boxes wholesale have a limited type of box packing types. Let’s explore their types:

  • Tube Boxes: Tube boxes are versatile as they are available in different sizes and are specifically suitable for liquid eyeliner. Made from glass or plastic, they protect the product and are convenient to use by consumers.
  • Pencil Boxes: They are the OG of the eyeliner boxes and are designed for pencil eyeliner. Convenient and easy to use, they ensure that the product is well protected.
  • Small Boxes: These boxes are created for gel eyeliner. Small, with a screw-on top, which makes it convenient to apply and shield the product from contamination.

Customization of Eyeliner Boxes

If presenting the items aesthetically is an art, customization is an artist. It raises brand engagement, visibility, and customer exposure. A lack of tailored content can lower sales by up to 83%. Let’s have a look at how you can tailor your eyeliner boxes:

Striking Designs

The packing designs of eyeliner products are important. Shapes, windows, and logos that are different from the regular shape or are embossed/debossed make curiosity and attract customers. Moreover, utilize trends such as digital integration into your designs while upkeep the company’s image and style.

Material Choices

Ranging from simple thick paper to glossy paper, select materials that are fit for the image of your company. Further, you can include green materials. These include cardstock or Kraft paper.

Color Palette and Branding

Be steady with the use of colors that belong to your brand. They create focus and remind you of who and what you are. 54% of brands reported that incorporating consistency has increased their business’s growth. Include your logo assertively and place it at the center of the packaging.

Custom Cut-Outs and Finishes

Window cutouts give a viewer an idea of the eyeliner on the inside. Use windows to reveal the color or feel of the product. Using a laminated cover in glossy or matte type adds more feel to the touch. Finally, you can also use foils such as gold or silver as it gives a deluxe touch to the box.

Sustainability Angle

Sustainability is crucial in packing as more and more population is becoming concerned about the environment. Therefore, they prefer brands that use green or eco-friendly materials. In fact, 70% of users identify themselves as environmentally aware. By using reusable or organic material, you can win their trust and get more conversions.

Here is how you can elevate your brand from a sustainability angle:

  • Where possible, use cardboard that has been made from recycled materials. It is strong, flexible, and can be recycled. Look into eco-friendly products such as degradable plastics or plant-based products. They decompose on their own, posing little harm to the environment.
  • Use simplicity as the main theme. Eco designs focus on the elimination of excessive packaging, which makes an impact on the conscience of the buyer. Think about using thin, compact boxes that would require less material for manufacturing.
  • Design eyeliner boxes that are not just for display but could be used to store the eyeliner or be a traveling case. The creation of packaging that enables users to reuse their boxes to minimize the creation of waste.
  • Employ water-based ink such as Lacquer or Aqualac to print logos and designs on bags. For coatings, it is suggested to choose those that are non-toxic and don’t hurt the environment.
  • Label the packaging with messages about recycling, reusing, and how to dispose of it correctly. Make use of labels that show that your products are eco-friendly such as the FSC and Green Seal.


The final thought is that custom eyeliner boxes are used to protect, store, and transport the eyeliners. These boxes matter as they provide a functional shield, aesthetic appeal, and consumer ease of use. There are different types of these boxes such as tubes, pencils, and small boxes. If you customize them properly such as the use of striking designs, appropriate colors, and custom cut-outs, it will level up your branding.

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