5 Essential Tips For Making Your Newborn Sleep Restful

5 Essential Tips For Making Your Newborn Sleep Restful
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Managing a newborn sleep routine is one of the most tough tasks when caring for your newborn in the first few weeks. If you are wondering how many weeks is the newborn stage, let me clarify.

Experts say that the newborn stage lasts between 4 to 12 weeks. That means it may last for 3 months.

These months are the most sensitive and important months for baby care and growth and also for creating a newborn sleep routine. So, we decide to tell you some expert-recommended tips for creating a safe and effective sleep routine for your newborn. 

Newborn Sleep Techniques

Here, we have concluded 6 effective techniques for giving your baby a restful sleep in the newborn stage. 

Swaddle your newborn

Some experts say that swaddling originated back to the Paleolithic period. People at that time used swaddling because they believed that babies felt secure like they were in a womb, and it made them relax. This helps promote sleep.

The positive aspects are true, and that’s why parents still use it. 

Swaddling is done by wrapping up a baby’s whole body except the face, head, and neck. This makes a womb-like appearance. It is a good practice and improves newborn sleep if done properly. 

Swaddling a baby is quite easy. Follow the below steps:

  • Place a cloth on a plane surface and lay your baby in such a position that only the neck and head will not touch that cloth. 
  • Straighten the baby’s arms and align them on the baby’s tummy. 
  • Hold the upper right side of the cloth and fold it across the baby’s chest. Put the corner beneath the baby’s shoulder.
  • Now, start folding the cloth from the side of the feet and take it below the baby’s left shoulder, as done in the previous step.
  • Now, pick the remaining part of the cloth from the baby’s right side. Fold it and take it below the chest (back of the baby) through the right side. 

This is how you can swaddle your newborn. Make sure not to tighten it so much. The clothes should be comfortable. Swaddling frequently or too long may lead to complications, so it should be done for a while.

Keep the environment calm

This factor is most important when it comes to sleep. Whether it is done for children or adults, keeping the environment clean, cool, and calm is crucial and promotes sleep.

20 to 22 degrees Celsius is an ideal temperature for newborn sleep. For babies, it is difficult to differentiate night from day. So, you have to introduce your baby to their differences.

Keep your baby awake for long intervals, make noises, and provide bright light during the daytime. This is the best option if you can take your baby to the sunlight. 

At night, lower the sound, make the environment cool, and turn off the lights to remind the baby that it is night.

Feed your Baby

Feeding is important, and your baby will not fall asleep if hungry. Breastfeed your baby enough so that he will not cry due to hunger. Newborn sleep is often disrupted by hunger because they need 8 to 12 times or even more breastfeeding within 24 hours. 

You have to feed your baby at night. So, you may need to sacrifice your sleep to ensure good newborn sleep.

Keep the diaper clean

A dirty diaper or diaper that is unchanged for a long interval can cause discomfort in babies, ultimately disrupting sleep. Changing diapers frequently in newborns is important, even if you don’t feel a diaper wet. 

It is recommended that diapers should be changed in newborns after every 2 to 3 hours. It will provide both you and your baby a chance for good sleep. 

Massage promotes newborn sleep

Massaging helps make a physical bond with your baby, releasing hormones that reduce stress. It is a good practice to relax your baby. It is scientifically proven that massage delivered to babies by parents helps soothe and aid infants’ hormones, which are responsible for managing stress. So, massage your baby before sleep.


Following these steps is crucial for providing good sleep to your baby, but maintaining this routine is far more important (especially within the first 3 months). Newborn sleep is sensitive and different from adults. 

First, follow the best tips for introducing your baby to the difference between day and night, and then follow the best practices to provide good sleep to your baby

I hope this guide helped you a lot.

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