Sliding Door Vs Pocket Door: How to Choose for Your Home?

Sliding Door Vs Pocket Door: How to Choose for Your Home?
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When it comes to choosing between a sliding door and pocket door Singapore, one must be very careful. As both offer good options that can save space and bring a modern look. It is beneficial to know that the two types of doors are represented by sliding and pocket doors to help you make a good decision for your home in Singapore.

What is a Sliding Door?

It is a movable door often made of glass or wood and comprises one or more panels that move horizontally along a track. These doors are used on patios, wardrobes, room dividers, etc. While a sliding door Singapore can be made of anything from glass to wood to aluminium, thanks to their high versatility in design, they fit in with almost any interior.

Sliding Door

Advantages of Sliding Doors

  • Space-Efficient: Since sliding doors move horizontally, they do not require additional space to swing open, which makes them excellent for rooms or areas with limited space.
  • Accessibility: These windows have a broad opening, which makes moving large items through them or in areas with high-traffic space easy.
  • Natural Light: Glass sliding doors always bring in natural light, which is its nature, thus making a space bright and naturally brilliant.
  • Versatile: They are also versatile, being suitable as wardrobe or balcony doors.

Downsides to a Sliding Door

  • Maintenance: They must be kept clean, as dirt and debris that may use their way onto the tracks can reduce the roller and pulley devices’ life.
  • Security: Sliding doors, especially glass doors, are likely to be less secure than conventional doors without additional locking devices.
  • Expensive: well-crafted sliding doors can get pricey, especially if they have customized designs or are constructed from premium materials.

Sliding Door

What is a Pocket Door?

A pocket door is a type of sliding door where the door disappears into a compartment inside the adjoining wall when it is opened. These doors are frequently utilized in places in the house where there is a space like the restroom, storage room, and also a little space.

Sliding Door

Advantages of Pocket Doors

  • Space utilization: Pocket doors, on the other hand, are entirely concealed when open, making it possible for wall space that would be unavailable using a swinging door for other purposes.
  • Streamlined Appearance: Closed pocket doors do not reveal any hardware, which makes for a clean, continuous look.
  • Design flexibility: Pocket doors can work with a multitude of different settings creating design opportunities for modern and traditional homes.

Disadvantages of Pocket Doors

  • In-depth integration: The installation of a pocket door disrupts the structure of the wall as such is usually much more complex (and expensive) when compared with the installation of a traditional sliding door.
  • Maintenance: Because the door slides into the wall, maintenance applies as it could be a challenge to repair or replace some parts and may engage the services of a professional.
  • Sound insulation: Normally, the sound insulation provided by a pocket door is not the same as that provided by a solid door, which can concern certain home environments.

Sliding Door

Factors to Think About: Sliding Door vs. Pocket Door

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing between a sliding door and a pocket door for your home in Singapore:


  • Sliding Doors: These are perfect for large openings and areas where the door would not show. Great for outdoor spaces like your patio, the living room, or wardrobe.
  • Pocket Doors: Perfect for small spaces, as every square inch matters. They are ideal for bathrooms, Laundry rooms and walk-in closets.


  • Sliding Doors: Most styles are very wide, offering minimalist or ornate designs and could easily be the focal point of an entire home design.
  • Pocket Doors: Save space and offer a streamlined appearance, as they disappear when fully open, giving them a modern, low-profile style;


  • Sliding Doors: These are easy to install as they simply require a track system to be mounted at the top of the opening.
  • Pocket Doors: Needs more work done (wall modification); may have to move outlets or switches in some cases.


  • Sliding Doors: They are generally cheaper, but material and design can drastically increase prices.
  • Pocket Doors: Typically the most expensive since they require additional installation and, more importantly, structural changes.


  • Sliding Doors: More maintenance; tracks and parts are easier to get to.
  • Pocket Doors: Accessibility is limited regarding repair, particularly to the track and rollers in the wall.

Sliding Door

How to Select the Perfect Door for Your Home in Singapore

Climate Considerations

Singapore is notorious for its tropical climate, which is humid and rainy. Here are some factors to think about as you decide on a door:

  • Durability of the Material: Opt for moisture and water-resistant material. Some are made of aluminium or treated wood.
  • Weather Sealing: For external sliding doors, you need to be particularly vigilant here to make sure that the door seals properly to prevent water ingress.

Style and Functionality

Think about the aesthetic of your home as a whole and how the door will best flatter your design:

  • Modern Interiors: Sliding and pocket doors can be a great fit for modern interiors, and glass sliding doors are trending for the cool look they provide.
  • Traditional Homes: Although some may opt for a traditional hinged door, pocket doors or wooden sliding doors may be more appropriate for the traditional home.

Usage Frequency

Sliding doors are ideally used in areas where most of the time a path is blocked because they are easier to open and close quickly. The pocket doors are better for a guest room or a storage area.


You can spend less in purchasing and installing sliding doors, you only need to go for simple materials and design. It’s worth the investment as it saves you so much space and money in the long run. Plus, they automatically give any room they add to a sleek look.

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