Print Audit and Everything Else You Need to Know

Print Audit and Everything Else You Need to Know
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Large organizations that print tons of documents on a daily basis might require an in-depth analysis of their printing to gain control over the unnecessary economic bleeding. When there are unidentified stats in your finance department, maybe it’s time to do a print audit.

Many organizations don’t really focus on this, but if it’s looked over continually and the printing environment is always monitored for changes, you can keep your economy in control. Importantly, a Printing audit helps us identify the costs and needs which gives you a clear understanding of what you need to avoid.

In this article, we wrote down all the crucial steps you can take to perform a print audit, so you can lower your printing expenses to a minimum and increase productivity.

Print Audit: 4 Important Steps

These steps can be followed by small to medium organizations looking to improve their printing and get more out of it by keeping your expenses in control. Print audit can be conducted with these 4 steps:

1. Observe Your Needs:

To start an audit, you must know what essential points you want to cover and change. While, print audit can help you achieve goals such as, increased productivity, lowered expenses, enhanced paper quality, and gain complete control over paper consumption. Once you know what areas you want to improve in your audit, you can move to the next step.

2. Collect Information:

To move further, you must first know the current situation of your printing environment. This can be performed by looking at the insights of your printer reports or using any management software. While collecting this data you must know your customer/user feedback, the number of hardware devices you have in your workspace, this can include: Printers, Scanners and Copiers. Lastly, you must know about frequent hardware failures and errors you encounter and the ink, toner and types of paper you use to get your printing done.

3. Look for Improvements:

Once you have all the necessary data to perform in-depth analysis, it’s time to look where your printing tasks are putting a significant impact on your company’s revenue growth. You can create charts and graphs to know what weaknesses your printing environment is struggling with. Furthermore, you should look and observe what’s being overused, is there any unnecessary printing happening, how much do you spend on hardware failure and how can you prevent those failures.

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4. Implementation:

Now once you have the data and you know what areas should be improved, it’s time you change your printing environment and make new rules to stop revenue bleeding. This can include replacing the type of paper and ink, replacing old hardware devices that utilize more electricity and contributing to your electricity bills. Also, configuring your printer devices for specific dimensions of paper can help you save more paper and eventually improve your company’s document output.

However, if you still did not monitor any drastic change, you may want to call a professional to get the job done. Xerox Dubai has been in the market for decades and helps striving businesses to achieve their milestones in no time. You can call for a print audit and analysis and quickly identify the errors to alleviate them. Reach out to Xerox business partners in Dubai and get immediate help anywhere in Dubai.


Is Print Audit Important?

If you’re looking to stop overall bleeding in your revenue, the printing environment might play an important role, as some organizations print documents in thousands on a daily basis. Therefore, improving any factor in your printing might help you save more.

Can I Do a Print Audit on my Own?

Print audit can be done by anyone. However, large organizations might require some professional analysts to perform audits for them as it can contain a significant amount of data which can be hard for an individual to analyze errors and look for improvements.

What is an Audit Checklist?

Audit Checklist can be a tool or document that includes all the preventive actions, result of analysis, insights of collected data, tests and methods of the audit.

Wrapping Up

Above guide can help you find and implement changes that will not help your revenue grow but also help you to be more efficient and productive. Printing sometimes includes repetitive tasks by performing audit and analysis you get to know what different approach you can use to get the job done. If you’re managing a large organization, frequent audits followed by one another can help you find and alleviate all the major problems that are affecting your company’s economic state.

Whether you have a small business or large organization in Dubai, Xerox business partners in Dubai is ready to assist you with its professional print auditing services. They’ll perform in-depth analysis and keep you on the same page, Call now and get help at your doorstep.