Here Is a Quick Dissertation Guide on the 7Ps of Marketing

Here Is a Quick Dissertation Guide on the 7Ps of Marketing
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If you want to make a career in the field of marketing, it is good to prepare a dissertation on its 7Ps. They are also known as marketing mix strategies. So, when you prepare your academic paper on it, you can learn more about them in detail and you can apply them correctly in your career. To make yourself aware of these concepts, you can read this article. Moreover, you can get the answer to your query,” Who can provide me with good marketing dissertation help?” So, without wasting much time, move ahead and learn more about the components of the marketing mix.

7Ps of Marketing to Include in Your Dissertation

It is important that you understand the 7Ps of marketing. So, in this section, you will read about them.

1. Product

The first component of a marketing mix is the product. It is the main aspect for every business. Moreover, customers care most about it an due to this, organisations put more focus on it. You have to make a product consumer-friendly so, they can buy it. Moreover, a good product can sell itself. For this, you have to work on its features, quality, and design. As these are the factors on the basis of it, the consumers can make their purchasing decision. Moreover, a good product can sell itself.

2. Price

You need to determine the price of a product or service to sell in the market. For this, you have to find the existing market price. Moreover, you should check whether the market for a particular product is crowded or not. With this, you also have to present a unique selling point. Answer to all these things, help you set the price of a product or service. After deciding on its cost, you have to analyse it periodically so that your product can maintain its existence in the market.

So, you can prepare a dissertation on the topic of pricing. After you have written the document, use the grammar checker online. This tool helps you to check and remove the grammatical mistakes in the paper.

3. Place

The next part of the marketing mix is to decide the place to sell a product or service. This decision is based on initial research. You can sell it at trade shows, events, and retail shops. Moreover, you can get help from social media platforms to make people aware of it.  You can even use an e-commerce website to reach audience through an online mode Therefore, you have to decide a place after considering all these things. It can become a good topic for your marketing dissertation.

4. Promotion

In this, you have to decide the ways through which you make people aware of a product or service. You can use radio, television, and email marketing to advertise the business. Moreover, you can take help of social media channels for the same. With this, you can also identify the areas that can impact the audiences’ thought process. Even, a little change in your marketing strategy affects them. So, choose it carefully.

Thus, you can write a dissertation on the promotion strategy. For this, you should study the advertising methods of famous brands.

5. People

It includes those people who are involved in every activity of producing and making of products or services. In an organization, these people are business partners, employees, and personnel and they are the face of a company or brand. So, at the time of employing people, make sure they are well-trained. and can do the work in a correct manner.

You can prepare a dissertation about the strategies that needs to  implement for training people.

6. Packaging

For every company, packaging plays an important role and if done correctly, it becomes an effective marketing tool. Most of the customers buy a product based on its packaging. It attracts the attention of them and, helps to make differentiation among similar items. For this, businesses should highlight the features of a product on its package. With this, give clear instructions related to its use. Also, try to utilize color in packaging that reflects your brand.

So, it becomes a good topic for preparing your marketing dissertation. In it, you can explain the types of packaging with the help of various examples.

7. Process

It is another aspect of the marketing mix strategy. It includes the ways a business runs  worksand the methods to deliver a product to the customers. These are the things for which he pays money. So it is essential to have a smooth checkout process. For this, companies have to check their logistics, shipment, delivery, and supply chain. When all these things are working correctly, the customer becomes happy and satisfied.

Thus, you can prepare your dissertation on the process of how a product becomes ready and delivered in the hands of a buyer.

Hence, these are the 7Ps of marketing you can include in your

dissertation. After preparing it, do not forget to proofread and edit the document to maintain its readability. For this, you can use dissertation editing services.

Importance of 7Ps of Marketing

In this section, you will learn the importance of the 7Ps of marketing. So, move ahead and read them:

  1. By understanding the components of a marketing mix strategy, it becomes easy for you to create plans for selling a product.
  2. Good packaging attracts the attention of the audience. As a result, it leads to more sales.
  3. It is vital to have a smooth delivery process so the customer gets satisfied and becomes a permanent buyer.
  4. A good promotion plan is crucial to make more people aware of the product or services.


So, above are the components of a marketing mix strategy that you need to understand them correctly. With these, you can build a strong foundation for your marketing career. Moreover, you can do detailed research in any of them and prepare your dissertation. However, if you want more topics for the paper, you can search for marketing dissertation help. In this way, you can get a pool of ideas.

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