What Types of Cases Do Civil Appeals Attorneys Typically Handle?

What Types of Cases Do Civil Appeals Attorneys Typically Handle?
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If you’ve lost your civil case at the trial court level and want to try again with a Civil Appeals Attorney, it’s important to understand the types of cases they typically argue. As one of the top appellate law firms, Brownstone Law and their civil appeals attorneys have extensive experience handling all variety of case appeals. This article will explore the most common case types seen by civil appeals attorneys like those at Brownstone Law.

Personal Injury Appeals

One of the biggest areas for Civil Appeals Attorneys is personal injury law. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, such as a car accident, slip and fall, or medical malpractice, you may choose to file a civil lawsuit seeking compensation. However, sometimes these personal injury cases are lost at trial.

That’s where Civil Appeals Attorneys can step in and argue the appeal. They may argue the trial court made an improper evidentiary ruling or legal error that prejudiced the jury. Brownstone Law has successfully handled many personal injury case appeals over the years, such as appealing large jury verdicts for plaintiffs that were reduced on remittitur or arguing the trial court should have granted a new trial based on erroneous rulings.

Contract Disputes

Another large category of civil appeals involves contract disputes between business or individuals. These often arise when there is a disagreement over the terms of a contract or whether the contract was breached. At a civil trial, the court may make an incorrect interpretation of the contract terms or find there was no breach when a party argues otherwise.

On appeal, Civil Appeals Attorneys look closely at the contract language and argue why the trial court’s construction was flawed based on the plain meaning or intent of the parties. Brownstone Law has significant experience appealing contract dispute rulings for clients.

Real Estate and Property Appeals

Real estate and property case appeals are also quite common for Civil Appeals Attorneys. These often stem from disputes between neighbors over property lines, zoning and land use issues, or easements. They may also involve breaches of real estate contracts such as failure to close on a home sale.

At the appellate level, arguments focus on whether the trial court properly interpreted deed restrictions, zoning ordinances, or other issues of real property law. Brownstone Law appeals attorneys have assisted many clients in appealing adverse rulings involving ownership disputes, real estate development decisions, and eminent domain takings over the years.

Family Law Appeals

While family law more commonly deals with domestic matters heard in probate courts, civil appeals can still arise from disputes over things like prenuptial agreements, divorce settlements, child custody arrangements, and more. For example, if a spouse believes the division of marital assets was unfair during a divorce, they may choose to appeal that ruling.

Civil Appeals Attorneys look at whether the proper legal standards were applied and the trial court’s decisions were grounded in the facts. Brownstone Law is experienced in appealing family law rulings for issues as varied as complex business valuations during divorces to contesting changes in child visitation schedules.

Administrative Agency Appeals

Government agencies like departments of labor, environmental protection agencies, transportation departments, and more regularly make administrative rulings that can be appealed through the civil court system. Common issues involve workplace safety violations, environmental permits, and licenses/fines imposed on businesses.

Civil Appeals Attorneys argue the agency did not follow proper procedures, made arbitrary and capricious decisions unsupported by evidence, or improperly interpreted regulations. Brownstone Law’s appellate team has extensive experience dealing with appeals from decisions by state and federal agencies on a wide range of regulatory and compliance matters.

Employment Law Appeals

The civil court system also hears employment law appeals involving things like wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, wage/hour law violations, and lawsuits between employers/former employees. Common issues center on whether the trial court appropriately instructed the jury on the legal standards, misapplied employment statutes, or improperly admitted/excluded evidence.

As one of the top employment law firms in the state, Brownstone Law regularly handles appeals of this nature, such as overturning lower court rulings in favor of employers in Title VII discrimination cases.

In Closure

In summary, Civil Appeals Attorneys encounter cases spanning many areas of civil law, from personal injuries to contracts to employment matters. With extensive experience in appellate advocacy, Brownstone Law can evaluate whether your civil case merits an appeal and effectively argue the merits before higher courts. A consultation with one of their appellate specialists can help determine the best path forward.

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