Which is the best area to buy Luxury Houses in Murree?

Which is the best area to buy Luxury Houses in Murree?
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As the crown jewel of the Himalayan foothills, Murree beckons those with a penchant for luxury to indulge in its breathtaking landscapes and serene ambiance. For those seeking not just a home but an opulent retreat, the choice of location is paramount. In this guest post, we’ll embark on a journey through the enchanting hills of Murree to discover the best areas for investing in luxury houses. Whether you are drawn to panoramic views, exclusivity, or a combination of both, these areas stand out as the epitome of elegance in Murree’s real estate landscape.


Patriata (New Murree)


Often referred to as New Murree, Patriata is a prime location for Luxury Cottages in Murree investments. Elevated at a higher altitude, this area offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. With its cool climate and proximity to attractions like Pindi Point and Patriata Chair Lift, it has become a coveted destination for those seeking a luxurious mountain retreat.


Mall Road


The heart of Murree, Mall Road, is not only a bustling commercial center but also a sought-after area for luxury living. Properties along Mall Road provide unparalleled access to upscale restaurants, boutique shops, and the vibrant atmosphere of Murree. The historical charm combined with modern amenities makes this area a timeless choice for those desiring both convenience and luxury.



Bhurban, located just a short drive from Murree, is renowned for its upscale resorts and luxury accommodations. The area boasts well-planned infrastructure, lush greenery, and panoramic views of the surrounding hills. Investing in a luxury house in Bhurban provides a perfect blend of tranquility and accessibility, making it a favorite among discerning buyers.


Upper Topa


Nestled amidst pine forests, Upper Topa offers a serene escape with a touch of exclusivity. This area is characterized by its secluded ambiance, providing residents with privacy and a connection to nature. Luxury houses in Upper Topa often feature expansive landscapes, ensuring residents enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Murree at its finest.


Shangrila Resort Area


The Shangrila Resort area, with its sprawling landscapes and stunning views, is another gem for luxury house investments. This location not only provides a luxurious living experience but also offers proximity to the Shangrila Resort, allowing residents to enjoy world-class amenities and recreational activities just a stone’s throw away.


Kashmir Point


For those enchanted by panoramic views of the Kashmir Valley, Kashmir Point is an ideal choice. Luxury houses in this area offer a vantage point for absorbing the mesmerizing scenery. The tranquil surroundings, combined with the accessibility to nearby attractions, make Kashmir Point a top contender for those seeking a luxurious escape in Murree.


Nathia Gali


Although a bit farther from Murree’s center, Nathia Gali captivates with its charm and pristine beauty. Luxury houses in Nathia Gali are nestled amidst thick pine forests, providing an idyllic setting for an upscale mountain retreat. The cooler climate and proximity to Nathia Gali’s lush landscapes add to the allure of this area.


In the enchanting realm of Murree, the best areas for luxury house investments offer a symphony of elegance, natural beauty, and exclusivity. Whether you choose Patriata for its elevated views, Mall Road for its vibrant atmosphere, Bhurban for its upscale resorts, Upper Topa for its seclusion, Shangri-La Resort Area for its amenities, Kashmir Point for its panoramic vistas, or Nathia Gali for its pristine charm, each location unfolds a unique chapter in Murree’s tale of luxury living. As you embark on this journey, may you find the perfect haven that resonates with your vision of opulence amidst the captivating landscapes of Murree.