What is ketonate cream, uses, and general information

What is ketonate cream, uses, and general information
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Ketonate cream is a prescription medicine and is formulated as a combination cream. It has ketoconazole, beclomethasone, and neomycin. It is used for the treatment of fungal and bacterial infections. It relieves the symptoms like redness, swelling, and itching on the skin. 

Ketonate cream is not recommended for children below two years old. In case of an itchy feeling; do not scratch the affected area, as it may spread the infection. Also, do not use this cream if you are allergic to it. 

Always ensure you wash the affected area and pat dry it. Apply a small amount of Ketonate cream to the affected area. This can be repeated at least twice a day. 

ketonate cream benefits 

Bacterial skin infections 

These are caused when bacteria gain entry into the body through cuts and wounds. It is used to relieve symptoms like redness, swelling, and itching. These symptoms are common in psoriasis, eczema, and ichthyosis. 

  • Psoriasis is characterised by skin cells that build up on one another; they form scaly, itchy, and dry patches. 
  • Eczema is characterised as an itchy skin condition
  • Ichthyosis is characterised by dry, scaly, and thickened skin. 

Fungal skin infections 

Fungal skin infections are also referred to as mycosis. Ketonate cream is beneficial in fungal skin infections. It helps relieve symptoms like redness, rashness, and itching. These symptoms are seen in fungal skin disorders like athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm infection. 

  • Athletes foot- is a fungal infection that happens due to the excessive sweating of the feet. 
  • Jock itch- is a fungal infection that occurs in the soft and moist parts of the body, like the genitals and inner thighs. 
  • Ringworm infection- is characterised by a Fungal foot infection that begins between the toes and spreads to the toenails. 

Precautions for ketonate cream 

Ketonate cream is unaffected by its use in pregnancy as it is for external application. It should be used with caution if using it on the nipple region as it may lead to diarrhoea. It does not have a habit-forming tendency, and there is little information about its interaction with alcohol. 

DO NOT USE ketonate cream if you are hypersensitive to ketoconazole, beclomethasone, and neomycin, or any ingredients of ketonate cream. 

This medicine is not meant to be used for more than two weeks, as there is a higher risk of side effects. 

Side effects of ketonate cream 

The most common side effects of ketonate cream are:

  • Itchy and dry skin 
  • Skin irritation 

How does ketoconazole cream work?

Ketoconazole cream works by acting against the fungi. It breaks the fungus cell wall structure, hence killing the disease-causing agent. Beclomethasone works by reducing skin irritation symptoms. Neomycin kills the bacteria by not allowing the proteins to grow infectious bacteria and hence. Killing them. 

Ketonate cream can be applied 1-2 times a day without any dependency on food intake. Also, it does not lead to sleepiness or drowsiness. There are many online medical stores from where you can buy this cream. 

There are no reported interactions of ketonate cream with diseases, drugs, and food. 

Final thoughts 

Ketonate cream is a topical, anti-bacterial, and antifungal medication. It has plenty of uses in the treatment of jock’s itch, athlete’s foot, ichthyosis, eczema, etc. Side effects are common and reduce with application duration. It’s recommended to use this product with doctor’s consultation only.