What are Custom Advent Calendar Boxes?

What are Custom Advent Calendar Boxes?

Every person is excited about the advent of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They can’t wait to experience these delightful events. Custom advent calendars are a fun way to make this waiting period excitable. They help count down the time from the first of December to the eve of Christmas. Each compartment of the advent calendar box is filled with various fun activities and edibles. You can open a section daily and enjoy the fun activity with your family. A ready-made advent calendar is available in the market. But if you want to make this Christmas count and the holiday season cherishable, a custom advent calendar is the ultimate option.

You will be curious to learn how to create bespoke custom advent calendar boxes wholesale. Stay with us. This blog is a comprehensive guide to designing a creative and personalized advent calendar box.

Frame Custom Advent Calendar Boxes into Any Preferable Shape:

Custom advent calendars are highly customizable. You can personalize them into any length or shape per your taste. However, rectangular and Christmas tree-shaped calendars depict the medieval themes of Christmas. Moreover, you are also allowed to customize the size of the paper door. The small-sized door in the calendar will be a befitting option to place tiny objects inside them.

Advent Calendar Boxes Printed with Christmas Theme Designs:

Printed advent calendar boxes give an enticing look to viewers while displayed on the home walls or store shelves. You can imprint a calendar with catchy texts like Happy Christmas, happy new Year, or any other inspiring quotes related to this special season. Moreover, you can give an eye-captivating look to the advent calendar box by adding illustrations and symbols of Christmas themes like Santa Claus, Xmas tree, socks, etc. Custom cardboard advent calendars are accustomed to offset and digital prints. Both of these printing techniques have wonderful results. You can pick out following the theme of the box. However, the offset is a cost-effective option for large-quantity prints.

Choose Brown Kraft Paper for Recyclable Advent Calendar Boxes:

Advent calendars are just used on a particular occasion. So you can reuse them for next season. Non-biodegradable advent calendar boxes can increase the level of gases in the atmosphere giving rise to global warming. Brown kraft paper is an apt choice to manufacture a biodegradable advent calendar box wholesale. Brown kraft is unbleached and 100% recyclable. You can bring it into use for the next countdown and create awareness among people about using recyclable packaging.

Pick Out Engaging Color Schemes to Create Stunning Advent Calendar Boxes:

An appropriate color selection for custom advent calendar boxes can work as icing on the top. CMYK and PMS are the most right-fit color options. You can opt for a color CMYK or full-color Pantone Matching System. One-color printing can cost you less than full color. However, it depends on the clients and how they want their calendars to look.

Reach iCustomBoxes for Buying Premium and Affordable Advent Calendar Boxes:

Looking for a reliable and affordable packaging company to design a custom-made advent calendar box? Connect with us. Our company comprises the most skilled packaging manufacturers who can design calendars in whatever color and material you need. These are available in all custom-made shapes and sizes at very reasonable prices. Moreover, you can also avail of our seasonal discounts on buying advent calendars in massive amounts. In addition, you can also get an opportunity to avail of our following services:

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What kind of material do you use for custom advent calendar boxes?

We use kraft and cardboard materials to create a durable advent calendar. However, cardboard is the preferable option due to its’ print-friendly nature.

How many boxes are added to the advent calendar?

The advent calendar is designed by adding 24 boxes. It starts from the beginning of December until Christmas. Each box contains fun activities, chocolates, or other edibles.

What is your turnaround for printed advent calendar boxes?

Our company follows standard and rush delivery time. It takes us 14 to 17 business days to deliver orders in our regular time. On the other hand, we print and ship rush orders in 7 to 12 days.

Do I have to offer additional duties or tariff charges?

No, we do not burden our clients with extra charges. You just have to pay the real amount of the order.


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