Ways To Make Treat Boxes Christmas As An Entire Year’s Gift

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Who wouldn’t adore a personalized decorative box? Making DIY Santa boxes with a Cricut is simple. See this tutorial on making Santa boxes.Do you enjoy giving tiny gifts over the holidays to neighbors, friends, and teachers?Some of my favorite things to make and give as gifts are these.A handmade present has a really special quality.My most recent videos

How to Make Santa Boxes for an Inexpensive Treat Boxes Christmas is the title image.

VIDEO TUTORIAL FOR CRAFT:adore movies? For you, I have a video tutorial! In order to ensure that you don’t miss any next video tutorials, kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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My favorite time of year to make is around treat boxes christmas. There are simply too many enjoyable creations! such as this treat boxes christmas Exchange Dice Game, this M&M Candy Ornament, and this Unisex Ugly treat boxes christmas Sweater Shirt.Make sure to browse the blog for further tutorial ideas for treat boxes christmas crafts! Cricut Ad: Use code 10CRAFTY to receive 10% off cutting machines and heat presses.Now go to Cricut.com! APPAREL REQUIRED TO COMPLETE THIS PROJECT:There are affiliate links in this post.

USE THE CRICUT DESIGN SPACE TO CUT THE FILE:This Santa box design file is fully prepared for use on Cricut Design Space.I have the file set up to accommodate a candy bar that is roughly 2 inches wide.

The Dimensions Of Reece’s, Twix, And Hershey Bars Are Ideal.

You can proceed to make it if this size suits you.Choose customize if the sizing has to be changed.When resizing, make sure to emphasize the entire design so that the elements remain cohesive.For resizing tips, view the tutorial video located toward the bottom of this post.There are five distinct cardstock colors used in this design. Red, pink, white, black, and beige.When you go to cut the design, each color layer will automatically be placed on its own mat.cutting with a Cricut white paper Putting the parts in front of you is the first step in assembling the Santa Box.

Santa Box Components Arranged

Starting with the black base piece, layer the Santa face first.Place the white beard-wearing piece on top of the black piece first. Make sure that everything is pointing in the same direction.stacking the Santa figurines Press the white beard piece firmly into position after applying glue to its back.Then add the beige-colored face and the top rim of the hat.

Apply The Round, Ruddy Cheeks Last.

The Merry treat boxes treat boxes christmas christmasBanner component, the bigger white dot, and the tiny black dot will all still be there. These will be included shortly.Fold the box’s scorelines with a bone folder. You may get neat, tidy folds for the box with the aid of the bone folder.Santa should be adhered to the front of the box using glue on his back.

The Merry treat boxes christmas Banner, the small black button, and the white circle at the top of Santa’s cap can now be attached to the box’s bottom.Take some adhesive, fold the bottom flap tab in, and press it into position.That is all! We’ve finished the Santa Box! Add the candies and you’re done! There, he is finished now.

Candy Bars Inside A Santa Package

Additionally, I created a Custom Christmas Boxes that fits a tiny bag of candy similar to Hi-Chew! Santa’s box with a tiny candy bag insideOUR LIST OF CRAFTING ESSENTIALS:Without a doubt, our favorite craft equipment is the Cricut Cutting Machine. It is a staple in a lot of our tutorials! The MakerX Crafting Tools are ideal to have in the craft area as they are constantly available for use.With no frayed edges, this Fiskars paper trimmer cuts beautifully and is simple to use.There are several pairs of these Scotch Precision Scissors in a set, and they cut like butter!