Ways to Download Private Youtube Videos

Ways to Download Private Youtube Videos
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Not a single platform has reached the height of the popularity of Youtube as it is the largest video-sharing app globally and made a benchmark of popularity. It is the ocean of videos of different genres whether cooking, movies or sports, fashion, or whatever category you desire you will find here. Users get access to the videos on Youtube in high quality without registering for them. Seeing the popularity of Youtube, Movie makers are launching their teasers on youtube to capture huge audiences. 

But all the video that you are watching on Youtube is a public video that anyone can watch while it is not possible for private videos. Only the person who has permission or is invited to watch can access it.

The largest search Engine Youtube allows users to create their channels and post their content continuously to target billions of audiences globally.

You might be wondering if downloading a private video from youtube will not be possible.

Thankfully you can download private youtube videos. We will provide you with various other hacks to do so in this post. Let’s get right into it. 

How to Download Youtube Private Videos?

A Plethora of private youtube video downloaders are available on the web to enable you to download public Youtube videos, but downloading a private youtube video might be pretty tricky. So, here we are with the ways to download Youtube videos.

  • Download Via By Click Downloader 

The best and most advanced youtube downloader is  ByClick Downloader, which allows you to download high-quality videos from youtube, whether private or public.

To download a private youtube video, you need to click option > Accounts, then you can request permission to access from Chrome and then copy the URL of the Youtube video that you wish to download and paste it into the search box of the private youtube video downloader, it will automatically detect the video. Now you need to click on the “Download” button to get the video or Audio on your device and watch whenever you desire.

  • Download by Snap Downloader

Another reliable and secure Youtube private video downloader is Snap Downloader which allows you to download videos from many other social media platforms like  Facebook, Twitter, etc. It has an inbuilt “Youtube Search” feature that lets you download any Youtube video.  By navigating to the site and pasting the URL of the desired video on the search box, you can download your selected private youtube videos at high speed and save them on your device.  Learn more about Youtube Videos from TubeGuides.


YouTube is the biggest source of streaming videos, where users can find millions of videos of interest. So, if you want to download videos from YouTube so that you can watch them offline, here are the ways to do it. Therefore, many third-party tools are available that can help you download these YouTube videos. Just follow the given steps and download your favorite videos to enjoy them offline. You can also find more blogs related to tech and social media on our platform.

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