The Do’s and Don’ts of Marble Surface Maintenance

The Do’s and Don’ts of Marble Surface Maintenance
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The house is one of the places where the heart lives and when it comes to the flooring sophistication is one of the attractive portions for the whole room or space. It not only offers timeless beauty but also a pattern to inherit the beauty with its unique stone. But due to the calcium carbonate sensitivity, its Shine becomes acidic and sensitive from the period.


So maintenance becomes the only key to its preservation. There are many kinds of marble polishing services available in the market nowadays. But in this article, we are going to talk more about some tips and tricks to get a do and don’t Marvel surface maintenance. 


Understanding the Basic Composition of the Marble

Before understanding the maintenance of the marble surfaces you need to be very clear about the composition of the marble. So that its geographical understanding is there at the time of cleaning. Marbles are generally made up of calcium carbonate which is very sensitive to acidic and reacts very easily. That’s why a kind of subtle layer comes over the stone removing the Shine. So we need to seal the marble surface with a high-quality protection pattern to prevent any kind of acidic reaction. These coating methods should be done with a high frequency of optimal protection so that its pH level remains neutral for a longer period of time. 


a) Using general Cleaning Solutions

At the time of cleaning the stone the basic thing that comes to our mind is using any kind of cleaning chemical solutions. But we never try to read the chemical compositions that are given in the box of the chemical cleaner. They are completely made up of an acidic basis that ultimately removes all of the Shine from the marble. All you can use is some gentle cleaner so that the coating of the marble remains and if the surface is covered with any kind of stain it is removed very easily.


b) Removing Acidic Solutions

Acids are one of the easiest things that are available in the kitchen but we should be very clear about using them on the marble. There are various kinds of natural acids like lemon vinegar or any kind of soda like baking soda or baking powder that has a large amount of PH level. This can very easily destroy the whole integrity of the stone and make the colour of the stone into a black-blue palette. You should try to avoid using any kind of rough cleaning tools on marble such as a scratch bite or any hard tools. All of these tools can easily scratch out the finest portion of the marble and this is going to have a heavy impact on the cracking of the marble in a longer period.


c) Removing Them From Sunlight

Nowadays due to global Warming acetic rains are easily coming onto the surface of the earth which is not only destroying human beings. And even causing damage to nonliving substances which marble is also one of the primary factors. So you should try to avoid any kind of Sunlight as well as rain from the exposure of the marble. This is going to highly impact the colour of the discolouration of the marble as well and the Shine is going to get reduced. Hence to avoid the sunlight you must be thinking of using any kind of furniture but that’s not the fact. You can use it for nature but you must try to implement a small rubber in the lower portion of the furniture to avoid any kind of scratch. 


d) Handling Softly

At the time of handling any kind of stain over the marble, you should try to use a very linear method like removing them with a soft cloth. Or even you can try to use any kind of hot water over that stain by just infusing detergent powders or any kind of soap powder. Well, using the detergent has another factor because detergents are very soft in pH level so it is very gentle on the marbles. If the stain is of coffee or any sugar substance then you can simply use hot water not directly over the marble. Just by dipping them into the cloth and simply keeping it over the stain for a few minutes. The hot water and the soft cloth will easily remove the stain without making any loss of the shine. 


e) Taking Professional Help 

Professionals are some of the people who have quite knowledge in dealing with this marble surface cleaning. You must try to get their help. Their regular inspection can give long-term protection from the acidic reaction. You must try to get the help of marble floor cleaner to get that professional cleaning help. They have various kinds of methods and knowledge through which they can easily remove any kind of stain from the marble. Also, you can ask them for help in knowing the key perspective that can be used for the regular cleaning method of these marbles. 



With all of these dos and don’ts now you can completely understand that all of the basic tips can easily give you a beautiful Shine on to this luxurious material. By adopting all of these basic cleaning methods you can simply get over the stressful work of removing the stain. But one thing is really important you must try to adopt regular cleaning or deep cleaning methods when you are during with these marbles. Taking professional help can easily make you relaxed from any kind of headache of cleaning the marble. 

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