Spacious Double Door Refrigerators For Large Households

Spacious Double Door Refrigerators For Large Households
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If you have an extended family and are looking for the best refrigerator in India, you should definitely invest in the double-door refrigerator models that come with surplus options. It would be an ideal pick for your family. Here are some of the spacious double-door fridge models for large households. Read to know more!

The Samsung 253 L 3 Star with Inverter Double Door Refrigerator is more energy-efficient as compared to a 5-star double door refrigerator. This refrigerator is ideal for large households. This Samsung model has a capacity of around 253 litres. It has a refrigeration capacity of around 184 litres This Samsung double-door refrigerator can also accommodate 69 litres in the freeze. 

This refrigerator is very easy-to-use. It can be used with a home inverter in case of power cuts. Also, the Samsung refrigerator comes with a cool pack in the freezer which can keep your food frozen for almost 12 hours in case of a major power cut. 

It also features a loud door alarm that rings if the refrigerator door is not properly shut or left open for more than 2 minutes. The Samsung model carries a very classic look in steel. This energy-efficient refrigerator costs INR 24,490.

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  • Godrej 236 L 2 Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

This double-door refrigerator is probably the best buy if you have a large family or need more space. This Godrej model has a capacity of around 236 litres. It has a refrigeration capacity of around 170 litres for fresh food. This double-door refrigerator can also accommodate 64 litres in the freezer to store food and beverages. 

This model comes in a range of two colours- Blue and wine. The double-door model has a very modern and stylish finish made of steel.  The door gasket of this model carries an extra antimicrobial layering which keeps the germs away and the vegetables stay fresh. This refrigerator uses modern inverter technology and can be powered by an inverter too thus, being energy efficient too. The cost of the Godrej Frost Free refrigerator is INR 19,490.  

  • LG GL-I292RPZX double door refrigerator 

This LG GL-I292RPZX double-door refrigerator holds a capacity of around 260 litres. The most special feature of this double-door refrigerator is that it has Jet Ice technology that can make ice within 90 minutes. Also, if you want to extend more space in the refrigerator then this model comes with door cooling technology that will enable you to convert the freezer to function as a refrigerator. 

This is probably the best refrigerator in India with a stylish and sleek design. With the help of auto smart connect, the refrigerator can be connected to an inverter at the time of power fluctuation or cuts. The cost of an LG double-door refrigerator is INR 25,790. 

  • Godrej 255 L 2 Star Inverter Double Door Refrigerator  

This Star Inverter model of Godrej is most suitable for large households. This Godrej model has a capacity of 255 litres. It has a refrigeration capacity of around 190 litres. This double-door refrigerator also comes with 64 litres freezer capacity. The large freezer can run on an inverter to provide complete cooling in all corners. The vegetable gasket has an anti-bacterial layering to keep food germ-free and fresh. 

The size of the vegetable tray is sufficient to store as many greens as you want. The door of this double-door refrigerator carries an additional space that can accommodate 2.25 litres of water bottles. This is one of the best refrigerators in India. It is energy-efficient and budget-friendly. This model of LG Star Inverter costs INR 21,590. 

  • Whirlpool 265L double door refrigerator

If we talk about efficiency, Whirlpool double-door refrigerator is one of the most efficient variants present in India. The Zeolite technology and the Microblock technology incubated in this model give up to 15 days of freshness and block all unwanted bacterial growth. The specified Microblock technology also helps the fruits and veggies from excessive ripening. 

It also has 5 convertible modes which make it a really versatile product. This Frost-free double-door refrigerator has a capacity of up to 265 litres which is humongous and it also includes 75 litres of the freezer at the bottom. A 3-star rating refrigerator comes with 10 years of warranty and is one of the best refrigerators in India.

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