Smart Choices for Homeowners: Selecting the Right Electronic door lock

Smart Choices for Homeowners: Selecting the Right Electronic door lock
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Keeping your castle safe is the number one mission. Looking for an effective method of protecting your home from any intrusion or emergency circumstance? In addition to basic safety measures, you deserve a smart lock with tremendous benefits and features in this day and age when everything is growing smart. Here’s your guide to selecting the best electronic door lock for your house. Also, review the different types of electronic door locks you can get and how they can be beneficial in the long run. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Electronic Door Lock

There are different types of door locks currently present in the market. You must select the best door lock for the safety of your home. Here’s what you must look for before purchasing an electronic door lock. 

  • Access Mode

Before choosing an electronic door lock, you must understand which kind of access mode will suit you so you can purchase the right choice for your home. You choose from modes like keys, keyless entry (such as PIN codes or biometric authentication), RFID cards, mobile apps, etc. 

Access mode can be considered one of the most important features that help an individual in selecting the best door lock for their house. It facilitates the individual in choosing the mode through which they can enter the house without any effort. 

  • Features

When it comes to characteristics, they vary depending on the manufacturer and type of digital lock you want to buy. The options you choose will increase the safety and safeguarding of your house. Smart Username and password, Smart Standards, Smart Voice, Smart Protection, Low Battery Alarm, and Privacy Locking are just a few of the functions included with the digital lock. These aspects should always be considered while making a decision.

  • Design 

Purchasing an appliance necessitates that it look decent. A digital lock enhances security and protection and provides a stylish touch to your front door. Choosing an effective design will help you enhance the overall look of your home and the doors. A door handle or an electronic log is the first thing an individual looks at when visiting your home. An elegant design with a sophisticated look will help create a great impression in front of your friends and family. 

  • Battery Life

The capability or the battery life is one of the most essential factors in an electronic door lock. You should consider the battery’s strength and lifespan. Today’s smart door locks have extra batteries to ensure the lock works properly even during an interruption in power. It also includes a Jump Starter, which allows you to toggle on the lock in the event of a technical failure. 

Special Features You Must Look for in Electronic Door Locks

Following are the different features you can look for in electronically working door locks:

  • Electronic Keypad Locks

This is most likely the most widely used and well-known form of electronic lock. These computerised keypad locks required a numerical number or password to unlock the door. Especially practical, these do not require tangible keys. Although they are priced higher than conventional locks, confidentiality is guaranteed. Keeping your numerical identification or password secure and difficult to guess for others is critical.

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Locks 

An RFID lock system is usually coupled with other locking systems in a high-security establishment. Authentication gadgets are used to access doors remotely within a specific range. The downside of such a system is that the cards or gadgets necessary to open these doors can be easily misplaced. The expense of replacing these devices is similarly high.

  • Biometric Equipment

Biometric devices and locks, which are more commonly encountered in companies and organisations than households, represent lock technology’s pinnacle. Those granted entry to the inside must provide a fingerprint or retinal scan. It is extremely difficult to dismantle or interrupt this system due to the lock mechanism incorporating unique human body traits. The door biometric lock can be added to any security system to improve effectiveness.

  • Smart Freeze

Smart freeze is an interesting feature in smart door locks. It gets activated after consecutive wrong password attempts and temporarily suspends user access for a specific duration. Thus, it ensures extra protection by making it more difficult for intruders to break in. Often, an auto-secure alarm gets activated immediately after the Smart Freeze Mode.

  • Low Battery Notification

When looking for smart devices, it is a must to have battery alerts. When the battery is about to be discharged, the notification gets generated. If you are using a connected app, you will receive a notification alert on your mobile app. Typically, the notification is generated beforehand, and the door lock stays functional for 2-3 days after the notification.

  • Compatibility with Smart Home Assistants

Door locks designed to seamlessly integrate with popular smart home ecosystems are an asset. This compatibility with smart home assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa means you can effortlessly incorporate your door lock into your broader smart home setup. It allows control and monitoring of the lock using voice commands, enhancing the overall convenience and connectivity of your home security system.


Electronic door locks have become one of the most chosen facilities in today’s generation. This is because it provides the convenience of easy access and enhances your home’s overall security. Some of the best options that you can choose from the above options if you are looking for an electronic door lock. After you’ve evaluated these variables, you may begin to limit your options. You must look and choose from various options before you select an electronic door lock because it will help you secure your friends, family and other valuable items.

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