Top 10 Romantic Places in Kerala

Top 10 Romantic Places in Kerala
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Deep, rushing backwaters, rustling coconut trees, and the old inscriptions on rocks from the times of Ashoka, this “land of Cheras” exudes romance in every scenic spot and shade. When it comes to romantic places in Kerala, there is hardly any shortage. The romance of Kerala is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

For newlyweds, partners, and couples looking to steal away- not just into the night but into resplendent destinations- Kerala holiday packages have your back. Here’s a comprehensive list- in no particular order- of the best places to visit in Kerala for couples.

About Kerala

Known as Malabar in the olden days, the Kerela of today has a long history of nomenclature. Indications of the name Kerala first appear during the Murian empire, under the rule of Ashoka, in instructions on rocks. The word is Kerelaputo, which translates to “the son of Chera.” This refers to the Cher dynasty during the Sangam age when Kerala- then known as Kera or Chera was a part of three states in the south. Since then, Kerala has been a land of constant rebirths, transformations, and innovations, as if to testify that it truly is God’s own country.

Here are some of the choicest picks for the best places for couples in Kerala who deserve a spot in your romantic itinerary.


Here Are The Best Romantic Places In Kerala

1. Alleppey: The Magical Waters

For the romantics who dream of awakening to the sound of lapping waters, the rustling of leaves, and the crunch of sandy shores, Alleppey is indisputably one of the best places to visit in Kerala for couples.

Between October and February, the weather is mild and great for relaxation. But if you’d rather visit during the summer, you can try kayaking, taking backwater boating tours, cruises, or simply relaxing at the beach with your partner.

2. Munnar: Tea-Magic

When you think of Munnar, you think of sprawling tea plantations, the smell of fresh leaves, and the relaxing first brew of tea that drains all the anxiety away from your bones. Perhaps this is because the coolness and serenity of hill stations lends itself to the spirit of romance. That’s why Munnar tour packages are no doubt some of the most coveted plans destined for Kerala.

If you find yourself at Munnar with your partner, visit the Eravikulam National Park, the Munnar tea trek, and Pothamedu View Point. These are some of the best places to visit in Munnar for couples.. And if you’re wondering about accommodation, Tea County Munnar and the Blanket Hotels and Spa are the best places to stay in Munnar for couples.

3. Wayanad: The Mystical Forests

If you prefer the smell of petrichor to tea, perhaps the rainforests of Wayand will answer your call. The spice plantations, lakes, and caves add a tinge of mystery to the allure of Wayanad. Visit the Edakkal caves to see the cave paintings of one of the oldest human settlements in this region. You know you have one of the best Wayanad tour packages if it includes these natural caves.

Alternatively, pack a delicious brunch to the spice gardens for a sprawling picnic under the sun. If you’re more into breaking a sweat, Wayanad also has provisions for hikes along its hills for the athletic couples on the trip!

4. Kumarakom: Charismatic Shores

For those who love the waters alive all else, the azure shores of Kumarakom will be your heart-stealer. With lush coconut groves, the song of migratory birds booming in the open sky, and the ocean lapping at the baked sands of the beach, Kumarakom is right out of a fairytale of romantic places in Kerala.

This is enhanced by the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, which hosts some of the rarest birds on the Indian subcontinent. Due to its immense popularity, you’ll find Kumarakom included in most Kerala package from Mumbai.

5. Trivandrum: Magnificence Of The Colonial Era

No trip to Kerala is ever complete without a visit to the capital. Also known as Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city has magnificent British architecture and was the home of the Travancore royal family. A patron of the arts, this city hosts the Kuthiramalika Palace, which is known for its galleries of the erstwhile royal family. As a frequently traveled destination, you’ll find many Kerala tour packages from Mumbai, including Trivandrum.

6. Bekal: History Repeats Itself At The Magical Forts

The essence of romance lies in the ephemeral past. And what better testament of history than the pillars upon which it stands? If you guessed forts, you’d be correct! If you’re looking for less crowded areas and relative peace and quiet, the ponderous wings of the Bekal Fort will lend you its silence. One of the most romantic places in Kerala for lovers of history, the old forts and their surrounding backwaters are sure to pull at your heartstrings. This makes Bekal an easy entry into the most charming honeymoon packages in India.

7. Kochi: Spices and More

Spices have been a major currency in Indian trade since antiquity, and Kochi has steadily held its place as one of the foremost in India’s historic spice trade. Naturally, it has progressed to be the financial capital of Kerala.

The Santa Cruz Basilica Fort Cathedral, the Mattancherry Mansion, and the Cheri beach are some of the best place for couples in Kochi that you can visit for your romantic respite. Due to its immense business and commercial prowess, many Kerala trips from Chennai include Kochi.

8. Kovalam: The Beautiful Nightlights

Situated along the stretching coastline of the Arabian Sea, Kovalam stands for “a grove of coconut trees.” If you’re looking for a long walk on the beach, music, and blinking night lights of sea-side stalls and the dying embers of the setting sun, Kovalam needs a spot in your Kerala tour package. An extremely fashionable location, Kovalam is often included in the best Kerala packages from Chennai.

9. Thrissur: Colourful Festivals

Thrissur is synonymous with Kerala’s performance arts. With a vibrant culture surrounding the celebration of festivals such as Onam and the Thrissur Poonam Festival, this is a strong contender for a spot for a couple of tourist places in Kerala on your itinerary. A place where spirituality meets celebration, Thrissur abounds in temples like the Kodungallur Sree Kurumba Bhagavathi Temple, Sri Krishna Temple, and the Chowalloor Shiva Temple. A popular destination among Bengalis, a Kerala trip from Kolkata always includes Thrissur.

10. Poovar: The Splendid Backwaters

Ending this list with another visit to the sea, the Poovar Islands earned their name as one of the romantic places in Kerala for good reason. The sea meets with an estuary, making for a splendid sight of mixing and gurgling waters. The backwaters, supplied by the meeting of the sea and the rivers, are sprawling and large, which makes boating and cruises incredibly viable. Undoubtedly, Poovar Beach, the Thirparappu Falls, and Poovar’s Fishing Village are included in most Kerala holiday packages.

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