Modernise Your London Kitchen with Chic Quartz Worktops

Modernise Your London Kitchen with Chic Quartz Worktops
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Quartz is an engineered stone that has gained widespread popularity in recent years and makes for highly functional and sleek kitchen worktops. Quartz worktops in London have amassed massive demand and rave reviews on account of being low-maintenance and exceedingly customisable. The manufacturing process first involves natural quartz crystals being purified and finely ground. Thereon, the pulverised quartz is combined with resins and metallic oxides, followed by compression into moulds. The resulting slabs are extremely dense, non-porous, and hardwearing due to the high temperature and pressure.

Quartz Worktops London: Pros and Cons

Like every kitchen surface, quartz has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the benefits of investing in quartz worktops far outweigh the limitations.

  • Durable and long-lasting– Quartz is amongst the bestselling worktop materials globally, with a manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years or more.
  • Non-porous and hygienic– A porous kitchen surface will absorb moisture, dirt, and odours. Quartz countertops present no such dilemma.
  • Impervious to stains and scratches– Unlike natural stone, homeowners needn’t worry about stains or scratches on quartz worktops.
  • A broad spectrum of colours and designs– Quartz worktops in London are available in every conceivable colour and shade. You can opt for solid colours, subtle patterns, robust designs, or even varieties visually replicating marble and granite.
  • Almost zero maintenance– Natural stone worktop materials like marble and quartzite require dedicated cleaning and cautious usage, besides periodic sealing and polishing. Quartz is non-porous, non-reactive, and UV resistant, thus requiring no such maintenance.
  • Easy to clean– Care-free handling and effortless cleaning are the reasons why Quartz worktops London are trending.
  • Can be customised to fit any kitchen design– Natural stone can only be fabricated in several ways. On the other hand, quartz can be custom-made as per the exact thickness, edge profile, shape, and design required.
  • Resistant to microbial growth– The composition of quartz is such that no microbes can penetrate the surface. Even after years of heavy usage, the surface remains bacteria-proof and mould-free.

Before deciding to install quartz worktops, homeowners should also be aware of the following limitations:-

  • Limited Heat Resistance– Manufacturing quartz worktops involves subjecting the constituents to high temperatures. It makes quartz surfaces heat-resistant to a certain extent. But the ability to withstand hot pots and pans without scorching is far higher in natural stone surfaces like marble and quartzite.
  • Spot Repairs are Difficult– Quartz is highly resilient and incredibly tough to damage. However, once damaged, the entire countertop might have to be replaced.
  • Resin Binders– Using synthetic resins (around 5 to 10%) in quartz countertops is a no-no for hardcore natural stone enthusiasts.
  • Value Addition– For a potential future property sale, natural worktop materials like marble and quartzite might fetch a higher home valuation than quartz. But this perception is fast changing, and premium quartz variants like Caesarstone, Compac Quartz, and Quartzforms are fetching a lucrative resale value.

Which Quartz Brands to opt for?

Quartz worktops in London are available across several brands. Here are the top names renowned for their aesthetics, performance, and durability:-

  • Unistone Quartz
  • Silestone Quartz
  • Compac Quartz
  • MSI Quartz
  • CRL Quartz
  • Caesarstone
  • Quartzforms

5 Outstanding Quartz Kitchen Worktop Design Ideas

  1. Sleek Designer Kitchen– A sleek state-of-the-art kitchen is best augmented with a stylish black quartz variant like the Silestone Tebas Black or the Unistone Nero Assoluto. Use modern white cabinetry and minimalist pendant lighting for an effective contrast.
  2. Flamboyant, Royal Kitchen– The rich grey hues and shimmery white tone of a Caesarstone Noble Grey kitchen island can be accentuated with a glossy finish. Pair it with high-end metallic cabinets, gold-tinted fixtures, and gorgeous chandelier-style lighting.
  3. Natural, Serene Kitchen– For homeowners who desire the harmonious aura of natural stone kitchen worktops without the tedious maintenance, the MSI Calacatta Verona worktop (or any other subtle marble-effect Unistone, Silestone quartz) would be perfect. Natural stone tile flooring, flat-panel cabinets and brushed nickel fixtures can complete the look.
  4. Rustic Country Kitchen– The rich black veins and beige undertones of a Grey Amazon Silestone Quartz worktop best suit a countryside kitchen. Hardwood floors, matte black fixtures, and distressed wood cabinets beautifully complete the rustic interiors.
  5. Vintage Kitchen D├ęcor– Homeowners who prefer timeless elegance should opt for the Compac Unique Calacatta or the Quartzforms Calacatta Quartz. Always opt for traditional shaker-style cabinetry in white or light grey hues to match these marble-effect quartz varieties’ pristine white background and grey veining. Impart elegance with brass fixtures, a white subway tile backsplash, and a large farmhouse-style sink.


A seamless combination of eye appeal, longevity, and effortless maintenance, quartz is the ideal worktop choice for busy kitchens. Its popularity is enhanced by abundant colour choices, pattern options, and edge profiles. With its impressive customizability and high functionality, quartz quickly replaces natural stones as the preferred worktop material for Londoners.