Linksys Router Keeps Saying Incorrect Password. What to Do?

Linksys Router Keeps Saying Incorrect Password. What to Do?
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Did you just try to log in to your Linksys WiFi router? Why did you fail? Linksys router keeps saying incorrect password? Well, this happens when the password is entered correctly. Before, we delve deeper into the concept, let us tell you that there are two types of Linksys password. The admin Linksys router password is the one that unlocks the access to the web-based management panel of the router. On the other hand, Linksys router WiFi password makes it possible for users to join the router’s WiFi network. Thus, both are different entities.


In case you are trying to use the Linksys WiFi password to reach the web-based management dashboard of the router, you will fail. This is because the router won’t accept wrong values. But, troubleshooting techniques need to be employed if you are using the administrative password and are still getting the error. Read on.

Solved: Linksys Router Keeps Saying Incorrect Password

Before getting started, we suggest you to power cycle the Linksys router. It will provide your router with the ability to deal technical glitches. Apart from this, it will also act as a catalyst to the troubleshooting process. Therefore, you should not wait to restart the router. You just need to remove its power adapter from its respective power outlet and wait for at least half an hour. Once done, you are suggested to reconnect the router to the power socket and switch it on. Has the router started accepting the password now? If not, then you can rely on the following techniques:

1. Use the Default Password

This point is valid for those users only who have not changed the default value of the Linksys router admin password. For your information, the default admin password of a Linksys router is admin. Thus, you are suggested to enter this value into the password field. Check if the router accepts the password or not. In case it doesn’t, then there are chances that that you went through the process to change Linksys router password. In that scenario, it is recommended that you use the updated password to make your way to the router’s dashboard.

2. Check for Typos

There are chances that there are typing errors in the password entered by you. Therefore, we recommend you go through the password entry once again and check if there are errors. If there are, then it is suggested that you re-enter the password. After that, click Login and check if the Linksys router keeps saying incorrect password issue gets resolved. Also, make sure that you are entering the password value into the Password field only. There will be no positive outcome if you keep entering the password into the Username field.

3. Clear the Browser’s Cache

Maybe the browser you are using to log in to your Linksys router has stored the cached version of the WiFi router login portal. This is to inform you that when pages having login credentials get cached, the browser auto-fills the login values. Thus, there is a high possibility that the browser is automatically filling in the login value of the Linksys router’s admin password. To get the problem resolved, it is recommended that you erase the browser’s cache via its settings.

In addition to erasing the cache of the web browser, we also recommend you to update its software version. Outdated web browsers can also cause mess when it comes to managing a Linksys router or a similar networking device.

The Bottom Line

After certain hits and trials, your Linksys router will accept the password and you will get the chance to complete the router login process. But, you should never ignore chances of failure. With that being said, it is suggested that you restore your Linksys router to its default factory settings so that it can run on its default password value.


To reset the router, you are supposed to press and hold the Reset button located on the router’s rear panel. The button is supposed to be pressed with the help of a paper clip or a pin. Note that the button is supposed to be held for 15 seconds. After that your router will reset and you will be able to reconfigure it via the linksyssmartwifi URL or the Linksys app.