Information shipping from Viet Nam to Canada you need to know

Information shipping from Viet Nam to Canada you need to know
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Price list for shipping from Viet Nam to Canada


Price list (USD)


Price list (USD)

0,50 49.14 10,50 219.78
1,00 57.76 11,00 223.62
1,50 65.52 11,50 227.41
2,00 71.90 12,00 231.21
2,50 80.91 12,50 235.00
3,00 89.91 13,00 238.79
3,50 94.40 13,50 242.59
4,00 103.71 14,00 246.38
4,50 111.68 14,50 250.17
5,00 118.41 15,00 254.01
5,50 130.69 15,50 257.80
6,00 140.86 16,00 261.59
6,50 150.13 16,50 265.39
7,00 161.64 17,00 269.18
7,50 176.42 17,50 272.97
8,00 187.80 18,00 276.77
8,50 194.83 18,50 280.56
9,00 201.90 19,00 284.40
9.50 208.97 19,50 288.19
10,00 215.99 20,00 291.98

Customers sending goods to Canada over 20kg, please contact hotline 0902 747 135 for a consultant to provide the most detailed and accurate quote. You can distribute the necessary information about CCI or commercial invoice. Free includes detailed information as stated in the regulations. Check to see if the following information is included in the invoice: It sounds like you need to pay attention to the information about the seller/exporter sending the goods to Canada and their address.

Service packages sent to Canada at Long Hung Phat Logistic Logistic

Express shipping service to Canada: 2 – 3 working days performed by Long Hung Phat Logistic Logistic service.

Economical Canadian shipping service: 4-5 working days is a trend chosen by many people.

Good price Canadian shipping service is extremely economical: 5 – 7 working days for parcels that do not require speed.

Goods sent to Canada at Long Hung Phat Logistic Logistic company

We are not picky about receiving and sending goods. We always have a way to send goods to Canada for most customers: businesses, online companies and even personal goods:

Long Hung Phat Logistic Logistic Company accepts shipping to Canada including all types of letters, papers, legal documents, visas, study abroad documents…

Items of online sales orders: fashion, electronics, household appliances,

Fragile objects or art objects: Tet gifts, pictures, competitions, lanterns, plaster statues, wooden statues, Buddha statues, …

Foods including fruits, spices, instant foods or foods with full eye labels or product information as well as place of production are all shipped to Canada by Long Hung Phat Logistic Logistic.

Hard-to-sell items such as cosmetics, makeup, functional foods, pharmaceuticals (western medicine, traditional medicine, traditional medicine), massage oils, wind oils… meet US FDA regulations.

Besides large-volume goods such as: heavy mattresses, ice cream machines, sugar cane juice machines… the company also receives requests from customers.

Customers will be supported in packaging the goods and services of your business regardless of quantity, size, etc. according to appropriate pallets, kiosks, and containers.

We always prioritize the satisfaction of users and each employee, which is the goal of their work and efforts every day. Customers who have used our service have tested that the transfer speed is not slow, the shipping process is safe and the customer care service is friendly and attentive.

So in the above article, customers have just learned some factors that determine the service price list when they need to send goods to Canada cheaply. When cooperating with Long Hung Phat Logistic Logistic, you can be completely assured that your parcel will arrive in the fastest time.

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How long does it take to ship to Canada?

Shipping service to Canada at Long Hung Phat Logistic Logistic takes 3-5 days for express goods, with normal shipping services it takes 5-7 days to receive the goods.

How much is the shipping price to Canada for 1kg?

Long Hung Phat Logistic Logistic updates the latest price list to suit the needs and shipping situation. For the most accurate information about the price list for shipping goods to Canada, please contact the hotline 0902 747 135

What items are prohibited when sent to Canada?

Items that are not allowed to be sent to Canada include: explosive materials, fireworks, weapon equipment, gold, silver, gemstones, opium, counterfeit goods, fake goods, surplus or used items…


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