Improving a Website with the Help of a BigCommerce Developer

Improving a Website with the Help of a BigCommerce Developer
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BigCommerce currently hosts nearly 50,000 live websites and has hosted well over a hundred thousand in its time.

It is an exceptionally robust eCommerce platform that makes inventory and admin management, SEO, and site customizations fairly easy. As a SaaS platform, users don’t need to worry about hosting, and nearly anyone can launch a functional website in the space of a few hours.

But like all platforms, even SaaS models, completely customizing and optimizing a BigCommerce website is not without its challenges. That’s why so many merchants choose to work with a dedicated BigCommerce developer when they need more than comes “out of the box.”

Here’s how a developer can improve your website.

Content and Layout
Despite the fact that BigCommerce is compatible with many free and premium themes that are inherently responsive, generating a website design with page layouts that are UX-friendly, have the right balance of creative elements, and the ideal amount of “white space” is imperative.

That can also take some custom development work, as making adjustments to a theme can be a challenge – but not for a BigCommerce developer.

Checkout Optimization
BigCommerce’s default setting for checkout and order confirmation is one-page checkout, which is really beneficial for merchants, as it encourages skittish shoppers to convert.

But if you want any customizations to the checkout experience beyond this, you’ll need to work with a BigCommerce developer to pull them off.

Site Speed Optimization
Since BigCommerce is a hosted platform, a lot of common issues associated with site speed will never be a problem for an online store built using it.

With that said, there are still tons of other things that can hamper website speed, including but not limited to botched integrations, junk code, excess code that was once functional but is now redundant, which can also slow down a website.

Another big limiter is the presence of giant images that slow down websites; oftentimes, images can be compressed with no visible compromise to quality, and can significantly ramp up page speeds

A BigCommerce developer can help you determine all of these things and more before rectifying them.

Site Navigation
All modern eCommerce websites should be equipped with robust search functionality as well as with a hamburger menu that collapses out of the way but which is organized and succinct when expanded.

A BigCommerce developer can help you customize a mega menu that will improve the user experience and help encourage conversions.

A/B Testing
Sometimes there is no good way to know which customizations, if any, are the right ones to make for your online store.

A BigCommerce developer can help you implement A/B testing, wherein both variants (or the customization and the original) are running concurrently. This will enable you to follow any changes in user behavior before making a change permanent.

It is also one of the best ways to run ongoing optimizations for your online store.

Strategic Planning
Lastly, a BigCommerce developer can help you with strategic planning and consulting for your online store.

Making decisions about positioning, branding and messaging, what digital marketing channels to pursue and how much to allocate to them – all of these can take a huge toll on the creative (and financial) resources of your organization.

The help of an accredited BigCommerce developer can help add a new set of eyes to each problem and a creative genius to help concoct a solution, in either the short or long-term.

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