How to Reset Netgear Router: A Complete Guide

How to Reset Netgear Router: A Complete Guide
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Resetting Netgear router can be one of the most useful tips to fix major issues like router not connecting to internet On the off chance, you are also experiencing issues with your Netgear router and want to reset it, then this post can prove a great help to you. Here, we step-by-step instructions on how to perform Netgear router reset process. Let’s get started!

Methods to Reset Your Netgear Router

There are two methods following which you can factory reset your router with ease:

  • Router reset process using the reset button

  • Router reset process using the web browser

We are going to discuss both the methods one by one. Scroll down a little and understand what is provided in the instructions. And, once you understand the instructions, apply them in the exact way they are provided to reset your device. Keep reading!

How to Reset Netgear Router via Reset Button

Keep your router plugged in.

Ensuring a stable power supply to your Netgear router, find the reset button in it. But, it is very easy to spot it. The reset hole is usually spotted on the back (left or right panel) of your Netgear router.

Once you have spotted the router’s reset hole, press it gently using a pin, paper clip, oil pin, or ball pen.

Upon pressing the router’s reset hole, kindly hold it for 10-15 seconds. After waiting for the provided time, release the router’s reset hole. The power LED on the router will start blinking automatically. This indicates that your router is successfully rebooted and ready for the configuration process. Yes, you have to configure the router from scratch via (manually) or using the WPS method.

Bear in mind, performing the reset process will disconnect all the connected devices to it and take its settings back to factory default values. So, you have to reconnect the disconnected devices once the reset process gets completed successfully.

How to Reset Netgear Router via Web Browser

Follow the step-by-step instructions outlined underneath and know how to perform the Netgear router reset process using the web browser.

Power on Your Netgear Router

Plug in your Netgear WiFi router by connecting its power plug to a working power outlet. After plugging in the router and providing it a steady power supply, wait for the LEDs on it start blinking rapidly. Blinking green LEDs on the WiFi router indicates that it is operating on a steady yet continuous power and the wall outlet is non-damaged.

Connect Your Router and PC

After plugging in your WiFi router, you need to connect it to your PC using an Ethernet cable. On the off chance, you don’t have the cable handy, then FYI, your devices can also be connected via wireless source.

Load up a Web Browser

After making a stable connection between your WiFi router and your PC, open any preferred internet browser of your choice and enter in the address bar. Keep in mind, the web address will not work for you if it is entered with typing errors or the web browser version is outdated.

Log in to Your Netgear Router

When you input the web address and hit the Enter key of your PC, the display page will ask you enter the router’s username and password. Input the router login details very carefully and click Log In.

The Netgear router login username and password is case-sensitive. Kindly do not use spaces or upper case while entering the router’s admin username and password.

You are All Done!

  • Netgear router settings page will display.

  • Click on Advanced > Restore Factory Settings or Reboot.

  • Options may vary upon the whether you want to reset or reboot the Netgear router.

  • Wait for a minute for the process to get completed.

In this manner, you can reset your Netgear router using the web browser. Now, your device is all set for the configuration process. Perform the process from scratch carefully and correctly.

The Last Words

Netgear router factory reset process can be one of the most effective ways to troubleshoot many problems related to it. Anticipating that after following and applying the step-by-step instructions outlined above, you will be able to reset your Netgear router back to factory default settings with ease.