How to Pick Your Perfect Home: Bedrooms and Bathrooms Tips

How to Pick Your Perfect Home: Bedrooms and Bathrooms Tips
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You’ll find yourself investing an abundance of time in the quest for the perfect location for your new home, just as you would in the pursuit of attractive amenities and the exploration of various architectural styles. Regrettably, the same degree of attention isn’t often allocated to determining the fundamental bedroom and bathroom configuration for your dream abode.

Whether you’re in the market for a new Okanagan home for sale or contemplating the construction of one on a desirable lot, it’s imperative that your new residence boasts an adequate number of bedrooms and bathrooms to cater to your present and future lifestyle. Especially if you’re considering properties in the Upper Mission neighbourhood in Kelowna.

Factors that help you decide on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your new Okanagan custom home:

1. Legal Limit

Even if all the houses in a neighbourhood sport the same exterior, they differ greatly in various aspects. From the layout to the garden size and everything in between. This is why both national and regional authorities avoid dictating the exact number of bedrooms and bathrooms a house must have.

Instead, the building code primarily focuses on ensuring structural integrity, preventing fire hazards, and addressing other safety concerns to ensure that builders provide a secure living space for residents and visitors. Some governmental bodies may set minimum size requirements for bedrooms and bathrooms, but this is quite uncommon. If you happen to reside in one of these regions, it’s essential to ensure that your rooms comply with the most up-to-date building codes.

2. Address existing needs

Determining the perfect number of rooms for your new home becomes quite straightforward when catering to your current requirements. If you’ve got a substantial family, say, with your partner and four kids, it’s advisable to consider a home with a minimum of four bedrooms. This affords your children some extra space for their pets and friends. If budget isn’t a concern, exploring new developments in Kelowna might lead you to consider individual bedrooms for each child.

Now, turning to the bathroom situation, it’s crucial to sidestep any morning or general chaos. Don’t skimp on this aspect; aim for a home with at least one bathroom for every two family members. So, if it’s just you and your spouse, one bathroom should suffice. However, for a family of four, it’s best to have at least two bathrooms to ensure comfortable wait times.

3. Plan for the future

While your new abode should cater to your current lifestyle, it ought to offer a comfortable living space for your retirement years. For instance, a couple can easily find a cosy two-bedroom Okanagan house for sale, with some extra room to spare.

However, if you’re considering expanding your family, it’s wise to factor in the possibility of future additions and invest in a home with four or more bedrooms. Don’t view it as an unnecessary expense. Even when your kids eventually move out, these rooms can be repurposed and transformed into enjoyable spaces, such as a wine cellar, a game room, or something of your preference.

4. Account for flexible use

While some bedrooms are primarily for a good night’s sleep, others tend to wear many hats. Take the pandemic, for instance, when most folks had to transform their bedrooms into makeshift offices. Even if your job doesn’t usually call for home-working, you might fancy converting spare bedrooms into gaming dens, man caves, personal libraries, or whatever floats your boat.

It’s worth thinking about adding at least one extra bedroom that can serve a multitude of purposes, and if your budget allows, why not add more? Sometimes, bathrooms also double as home spa spaces or lounges and you may want to add that into consideration.

5. Return on Investment

Real estate can be quite a profitable investment. Many buyers tend to lean towards purchasing homes with at least three bedrooms, so that might be the minimum you want to aim for if you’re looking to sell your property down the line and make a tidy profit. Even if you’re not considering selling your home, an extra room or two can be transformed into a rental space for tourists, students, or other guests. This additional income can assist you in paying off your mortgage more swiftly or at the very least ease some of the financial load.

When you’re in the process of constructing or purchasing a new house, you can take into account the factors mentioned above to figure out how many bedrooms and bathrooms would suit your needs. It’s important to ensure that there are sufficient rooms to comfortably accommodate your expanding family and create a pleasant living space for everyone.