How To Pick The Right Dining Room Table?

How To Pick The Right Dining Room Table?
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Dining rooms are the focal point and star of our home. It is not just a place to satiate hunger but a place to cherish memories and spend quality time with our loved ones. Dining furniture plays a critical role in maintaining the warmth of this space. 

Therefore, it is critical to choose the right furniture to make this space more welcoming and inviting. In this blog, we’ve put together a brief dining table buying guide to help you select the right table.

By considering these factors you can choose a table that best matches your home, taste, and lifestyle, and has a design that you will love for many years to come. 

So, let’s get into it!

Key factors to choosing a dining table

Measure your space

You cannot make the mistake of buying a table because you fell in love with the design. It is critical to measure the length and width of your allocated space to make your table fit comfortably into it.

The rule of thumb is to subtract 80-100cm from both the length and width dimensions to avoid a cramped dining space. Leave an ideal 90cm of space on all sides. 

Besides that, considering the table’s base is also crucial to ensure comfortable legroom. The base of your dining table will impact the way you use it. For instance, a pedestal base works great for small dining rooms, thus freeing up space. So, choose the base of the table depending on the available space in your dining room. 

Find the Right Style

Picking up the right style for your dining room that goes well with your home decor is also crucial.

Pedestal: These tables have a large base at the bottom which makes this style perfect for small dining rooms with limited space.

Farmhouse: The farmhouse-style dining tables feature distressed and heavy wood with thick and sturdy legs. Such tables work best for traditional-style large dining spaces. 

Rustic: These dining tables feature an unpainted wood tabletop and heavy wooden or straight metal legs that give a distressed look. 

Shaker: Shaker dining tables have a simple and functional design. They don’t have any eccentric carvings or ornamental designs. These tables are great if you want something simple and traditional.

Industrial: Industrial tables are typically made of wood or metal and are therefore heavy and large. Such tables go well with a contemporary, grey-scale color scheme because of their geometric table legs and darker colors.

Select a Material for dining tables

You can select the material of your dining room table depending on the existing furniture you already have in the room and your taste. It is good to experiment with different material options while keeping quality and durability a priority because a dining table is not something you buy quite often.

Choose a Shape

The shape of the table also plays an integral in defining its style and look. However, when shopping for dining room tables, it is critical to consider the available space for the table. 

The shape of your dining table should be dependent on the shape of your dining room. For instance, a table with the same shape as the dining room is ideal for enhancing balance and harmony.

Round or square tables are best for small areas of the home. Longer rooms can better handle oval or rectangular dining room tables.

Apart from that, it is also crucial to consider the use of your dining table. It will help you get a better idea about which shape will suit you more. For example, rectangular and long tables are great for hosting dinner parties while round and small tables feel more intimate.


In conclusion, dining tables are the most crucial furniture pieces in a dining table. These furniture pieces define the warmth, comfort, functionality, and aesthetics of a dining space.

Therefore, it is critical to choose a table that can cover all of these aspects providing comfort, and functionality, and serving as an aesthetically pleasing furniture piece. Moreover, a dining table is more like an investment because you won’t be buying a new one every six months so it’s always better to make a thoughtful decision when buying it.

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