Our wardrobe is full of clothes at home, and we can wear whatever we want. But when traveling, you can’t pack all your outfits in your bag. You must choose the perfect attire for your picnic or other travels without adding unnecessary clothes.

It’s always confusing what to wear and add to our backpacks. But in this guide, we’ll share some tips that can make your outfit backpack a piece of cake.

Because it’s not tough to decide what clothes to select for your travel when you plan correctly and mix up your outfits.

The benefit of intelligent packing is that your bag won’t be heavy, and you will already have planned what you will wear. Otherwise, if you just cram your bag with random clothes. You may end up in confusion when wearing them at your destination.

Get some quality jeans garments:

When you have quality bottom garments, you can mix them with cool shirts and create wonderful outfits. You don’t need to throw all your pants into your bag. You can decide how you would want to look on your picnic.

And where you’ll be staying. Is it a natural place or a modern one? What kind of activities will there be? Are you traveling for a wedding or picnic place?

Quality jeans mean you can pick up some colorful and stylish shirts and wear them with your blue jeans. It’s that easy! Get your new-level jeans pants at Lee Jeans. They’ve got modern and fashionable pants for everyone. Grab one for you with discounts by using the Lee Jeans promo code.

Let’s say you’ve got a blue shirt with a pattern that makes it stylish. You can wear that blue shirt with your white pants, and voila! You’ve crafted a new outfit for you.

Moreover, you can decide on the formality of the event. Do you want to look stylish and informal, or do you want to look formal?

Always buy many shirts:

Now that you will have stylish jeans perfect for mixing up and crafting new outfits, you need more shirts. Yes, because what people always see is your shirt.

So, buying various styles of shirts will help you craft more outfits. Suppose you’ve got a high-quality bundle of shirts you fancy. You can wear different shirts with one pant, so you’ll never load your bag. Remember, it’s about packing intelligently.

Choose colors matching your destination:

One thing to keep in mind is that always choose colors that will be suitable for your destination. Wearing red paint at a wedding won’t look that good. If you are going on a beach holiday, wearing bright colors such as yellow and white will better suit the occasion.

Try the clothes on:

After crafting several outfits by mixing pants and shirts, you must try them on. To see how comfortable they are. And will it look good on your destination? Do you like the different jeans and shirts combo?

Shop and add some clothes if needed:

You may prefer something other than your combination of clothes. In that case, consider buying and adding some to your travel packing. It’s not always necessary, but you may not have the dress that fits your mood.

You could buy a different color suit or shorts if you go to the beach. Or maybe you don’t have a formal occasion suit, and you’d like to buy one. It’s not a bad idea to just shop for one or two dresses if needed.

Check the weather:

If the place you’re traveling to has rainy weather, you should add clothes that suit the rainy weather; you could add some extra basic garments in case you wet your clothes there.

You shouldn’t pack heavy clothes if the weather is sunny and hot. Keep light shirts and pants, so you’ll be comfortable wearing there.

Pack hot clothes, sweaters, and jackets if it’s cold and snowy at your destination. Taking light garments won’t be a smart choice.

The footwear:

Shoes should also depend on your mood, if you’ve got many pairs of shoes, wear small shoes for summer and big boots in winter. Don’t take more than one pair of shoes as it won’t be necessary.

Final check:

After you’re satisfied with your packing, don’t just finish it; recheck it and wear them again if you like. You may want to make some modifications or replace some clothes.


As you now have a general idea, it’s easy to pack for your travel. But throwing clothes in your bag could lead to heavy luggage and redundancy. Be wise in your packing. Choose what you’ll need and what you like.

The best trick is to swap many shirts to create new outfits for you as it will make you pack light, and you’ll have no dilemma of what to wear.