How to Fix Scratches on a Wood Floor?

How to Fix Scratches on a Wood Floor?
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Hardwood floors are a treat to look at due to their intricate design and elegant looks. But your wood floors are at a constant risk of scratches and dents, which takes away from their beauty.

To prevent this, we have discussed the best ways to fix scratches on our wood floors to preserve the beauty of your wood floors and keep them looking their best for longer.

Tips to Fix Scratches On a Wood Floor

↳ Understand the Severity of the Scratch

Scratches are one of the most common sanding imperfections. So, before you start fixing the scratch, first know its type and severity. This step is essential to fix the dents effectively. These scratches can be due to multiple reasons, from pet claws to heels and even sanding imperfections. Different types of scratches have different fixes.

Some scratches are thin and shallow, just a little over 1 inch, while others are deeper than that. Similarly, gouges are huge holes in the floor. Typically, lighter scratches have easier fixes than deeper ones and gauges. 

↳ Clean Work Area Before Repair

When you want to fix scratches on your wood floor, start by cleaning it first. Vacuum the hardwood floor thoroughly and then use a microfiber cloth to mop the floor. Doing so is a good practice to maintain your hardwood floors even when you are not fixing the scratches.

Cleaning improves the visibility of lighter scratches and makes them easier to deal with. So make sure to use a good wood floor cleaner on your hardwood floor for effective cleaning and preventing damage.

↳Fix Light Scratches

There are many ways to fix lighter scratches on your flooring, including using stain markers, pencils, and other natural ways to fix these scratches. Stain markers, crayons, wax and pencils work by filling the scratches with a similar-coloured product and hiding them.

Meanwhile, natural items like baking soda, olive oil and walnuts work more towards removing and minimising the scratches on the floor. The natural remedies are cost-effective but don’t work on larger scratches. 

↳ Use Wood Filler for Deep Gouges

Gouges are deeper scratches and are sanding imperfections. An easy way to fix them is by using the right wood filler to fill the gaps on your hardwood floor

Use a putty knife to apply the wood filler to the scratched area. Ensure the filler remains confined to the desired area and wipe off the excess. Be careful while choosing a filler for your floor, and only choose one that matches your floor’s finish.

↳Fix Scratches On a Wood Filler With Sanding

If the scratches are too deep to fill with a filler, the best option is sanding away the imperfections. So fill the area with a wood filler, and after it dries, use an orbital sander to sand away the imperfections. Then, stain the dented area to make it match with the surroundings.

Finally, apply an appropriate finish that suits your flooring to fix scratches from your floor once and for all.

While fixing scratches on your own by sanding is easy, it can be tough when you have multiple areas to deal with. That’s why trusting Sanding Wood Floors experts in London is the best thing to do. They have the right skills and expertise to fix all the scratches and restore your floor to its former glory.