How to Choose The Right Carpet Cleaning Method For Your Carpet Type?

How to Choose The Right Carpet Cleaning Method For Your Carpet Type?
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There are a plethora of carpet cleaning methods available nowadays. From hot water extraction and steam cleaning to dry powder and bonnet cleaning. But not every method is suitable for your carpet type. Different carpets have different cleaning needs and thus choosing the right method for them is crucial.

So, if you are a London resident, searching for what is the suitable method to clean your carpets the right and effective way, read ahead. 

Choosing the right carpet cleaning method for your carpet type

Hot water extraction

The method of hot water extraction works by penetrating pressurised heated water into the carpet fibres and immediately extracting the dirty water back. The hot water loosens the dirt and powerful suction helps eliminate deeply embedded dirt along with germs, stains, and odours.


Hot water extraction is suitable for carpet types that allow water-based cleaning. For heavily soiled carpets that require deep cleaning, this is the most suitable and right cleaning method you should use in a routine or when cleaning carpets with DIY methods.

It is suitable for most carpet types except for treating moisture-sensitive carpets that are delicate and can be damaged when saturated.

Dry Powder Cleaning

Dry powder cleaning uses a powder-like substance that is sprinkled onto the carpet. It is worked into the fibres by agitating them with a rake or a machine. When allowed to rest, the powder attracts and captures dirt, which is then vacuumed away thoroughly.


Dry powder cleaning is suitable for carpets with natural fibres like sisal, jute, and wool. These are delicate fibres that cannot bear water, and so, dry powder cleaning is the right method to clean them.

Bonnet cleaning

In this carpet cleaning method, a motorised spinning pad with a cleaning solution is used to clean the carpet. It absorbs the dirt from carpet fibres and does not need drying in it.


This method is rightly suited for carpets that face heavy and constant traffic, especially for commercial carpets. This method works for flatly woven carpet types instead of plush ones, 

Carpet shampooing

Shampooing involves rinsing a carpet with a cleaning solution mixed with water. One part of the shampoo machine works by injecting the solution and agitating the fibres. Another one extracts the dirty water to clean your carpet.


This method is an effective way to clean stains from carpets as the detergent thoroughly washes them off. But since it uses and leaves behind excess residue, it should be rinsed well and it is best suited for carpet types that resist moisture.

Letting Expert Choose the Right Method for Your Carpet Type

Choosing the correct method can decide the efficacy of your cleaning. Therefore, relying on an experienced professional carpet cleaner is the best bet. 

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