How Often Should Commercial Carpets Be Cleaned?

How Often Should Commercial Carpets Be Cleaned?
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Maintaining carpets in a tip-top state holds a lot of value for the impression of a business. A clean and hygienic carpet displays your professionalism and makes your workplace more presentable and welcoming for clients. 

However, one crucial aspect of maintaining them is the frequency of their deep cleaning. Although commercial carpets should ideally be cleaned at least twice a year, it does not have a one-size-fits-all answer as different commercial premises have varying cleaning needs.

Here are some common factors affecting how often your commercial carpets should be cleaned to help you determine the right frequency for your carpet. 

Factors Influencing the Commercial Carpet Cleaning Frequency

  • Type of commercial premise

As different businesses have different cleaning needs, the answer to how often you should clean your commercial carpet also depends on the type of your commercial premise. 

For example, places like gyms and spas tend to be more exposed to sweat, dirt, and odors. Medical facilities need to be more attentive to maintaining proper hygiene for health purposes. 

Places like hotels and restaurants are constantly prone to spills, splashes, and grease and need more frequent carpet cleaning.

So, any of such premises will need cleaning at least every 3 to 6 months as compared to regular office premises. 

Ideally, you should get your carpets regularly cleaned by the experts who meet the cleaning needs of your business place.

An experienced carpet cleaning company like Magic Steam Carpet Cleaning will provide tailored cleaning as per the unique needs of your commercial premises so you can maintain them properly and at the right intervals.

  • Foot traffic and areas

Although commercial premises generally have heavier traffic than homes, there are still some areas that get more soiled than others. Places like entrance areas, waiting rooms, hallways, lobby, reception, and other commonly and constantly used areas will more likely soil very quickly due to heavy foot traffic.

For maintaining carpeting in such areas, deep cleaning every 3 to 6 months is ideal. Whereas, areas that do not tend to get much crowded, such as occasional meeting rooms and cabins will do with a biannual cleaning.

  • Carpet warranty

One strong reason businesses should have their carpets cleaned regularly is their carpet’s warranty and compliance with regulations. 

If your carpet has a warranty, its manufacturer would have recommended a certain requirement for it to be cleaned at regular intervals. In this case, the warranty will guide you in determining the right frequency.

Moreover, some businesses like food service establishments, also need to consider the cleaning regulations they have to comply with. So, how often they need to clean their carpets will depend on their rules. 

  • Carpet type

Commercial carpets come in different types and materials which also decides the ease and frequency of maintaining them. Carpets with long and dense fibers will trap more dirt and will need frequent cleaning.

Cut pile carpets tend to show dirt marks more quickly than loop pile carpets and will need to be cleaned often. Moreover, carpets made up of polyester or nylon are more stain-resistant than their natural counterparts such as jute or wool. 

  • Carpet color 

Although all carpets tend to soil, irrespective of their color, some show signs of soiling quicker than others. It is easier to hide carpet stains and traffic marks in dark-colored and patterned carpets than light shades which tend to quickly show up the soiling and thus, need to be cleaned more often. 

  • Routine maintenance

How often you will need to clean your commercial carpets will also depend on how you care for them. 

If you maintain a routine carpet cleaning for your commercial place by vacuuming daily or thrice a week, your carpets will stay clean for longer. Well-maintained carpets need deep cleaning every 6-12 months in general.

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