How important is personality development at work?

How important is personality development at work?
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How important is personality development at work?

Table of contents

 Introduction
 What is personality development?
 Factors affecting personality development
 How important is personality development at work?
 Personality development course in Chandigarh
 Conclusion
 FAQs


There are thousands of company interviews that must be going on right now as you are reading this
article. Just in India, more than half of our young workforce is looking for options to find jobs in the
companies they like. We also know the fact that half of these people will not get jobs today. The
reason? There are over a hundred reasons that can be quoted here. Lack of skills, lack of proper
knowledge related to the job, a bad day and many more. But one of the most repeated reasons for
many of these aspirants would be a lack of personality.

Yes, you heard it right. Every office in India and the West is looking for a certain set of qualities that
match their notion of having a good personality. That’s why, we have chosen the topic of personality
development today. If you find yourself being the only person in the office who nobody is talking to,
the problem might be in your personality. That’s why, having an approachable personality in an
office setting is crucial so that you don’t become the outcast the minute you enter the office.

There are many factors that help build an individual’s personality and we shall discuss all of these
factors in detail. Also, if you think that you require a personality development institute, we will
suggest to you the best personality development institute in Chandigarh. So, let us start with the
topic without wasting any more time.

What is personality development?

Personality development is a procedure that goes on throughout the entire life of a person. It
signifies the nature and behaviour of a person in different circumstances in life. it is the perfect
harmony between a person’s thinking and their actions. A personality takes a significant amount of
time to develop and sometimes it takes decades. However, the personality of a person also depends
on various other factors such as:

Factors affecting personality development:

Just as we know that a good personality takes time to build up, the same happens with a bad
personality. Let us try to understand this with an example. Imagine the birth of a pair of twins.
However, they get separated at birth. One brother goes to a wealthy family and the other one goes
to a family that never has money. The personalities of these two individuals will be decided by their
upbringing and their surrounding environments. Let us find out some other factors that affect
personality development:

1. Genetics: One of the biggest reasons for a person developing a good personality is their
genetic makeup. If their parents had any issues with their personalities, they have a higher
chance of getting those issues as well.
2. Society: The Indian society is not for the faint-hearted. There are so many judgements
passed on by random people on the streets that a normally introverted person cannot walk
quietly anywhere. Students in today’s times are trying to cope with the pressure from
various sides such as their teachers, their parents, their peers and many more.
3. Environment: If a person has grown up in a motivating and loving atmosphere their whole
lives, their personalities turn out to be better than those who only remember the negative
impacts they have had in life.
4. Friends: There is a saying that your group of friends says a lot about you. It is one of the
most accurate things ever said. Personality development not only gives you a chance to live
life without fear but it can also help you make new friends on the way.

How important is personality development at work?

Many students come to us with the complaint that they have been rejected by a company because
they couldn’t speak fluent English. Some say that the recruiter didn’t like their attitude and there are
hundreds of things that make no sense at all. In the end, it all boils down to the personality of a
person. Today, every office in the world needs a reliable team, that can run their existing and new
operations efficiently. That’s why, they judge a person’s personality more than their knowledge or
skill these days.

In India unfortunately, personality has been correlated to English speaking since time immemorial. If
you don’t have an accent, it doesn’t matter what your personality is like. They need employees who
can easily gel together and get comfortable with each other so that they can complete the company
work in less time. A good personality goes a long way in an office setting where you have to see the
same face over and over again. It also helps you cope with any stress-related problems.

Personality development training in Chandigarh:

Chandigarh is a hub for many streams of education. From arts to medical sciences, you will find
courses related to all the fields of education here. The IT sector is another field of work where
institutions in Chandigarh excel. There are many personality development courses in Chandigarh but
EnglishPro is the best as they have the most amount of experience in the market. If you think that
you need to improve some traits in your personality, contact EnglishPro and we will get back to you.


In conclusion, when we talk about an individual’s personality, it encompasses a lot of features and
habits of that person as well. In the rising competition between industries, it has become vital for a
candidate to develop the best personality for themselves so that the recruiters have no other option
to recruit them.

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