How and where to sell furniture? We will advise where to place the ad

How and where to sell furniture? We will advise where to place the ad
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You can donate used furniture and appliances for removal, take it to a collection yard, or try to sell it. If you don’t want to throw away the older furniture right away, because it can still be of use to someone else, we will advise you on what to do with it.

Do you feel that nothing fits in your basement or attic anymore and you don’t know where to go with the old furniture? First of all, it is a good idea to ask around if your older furniture would be suitable for someone. You can try to sell them in the stores, or perhaps over the Internet. It depends on whether you need to get it out of the house immediately or if it will stay there for a while. Some cities also host popular flea markets.

Flea markets

Flea markets have also expanded in Dubai. For those who want to get rid of old things, it will attract those who find them useful. For a fee, you can rent for a morning, for example, just 1 meter, and display goods that passers-by can buy. But they also take place in smaller cities, for example in Brno or Olomouc.

Do not burn the furniture

Try to offer the furniture to your friends first or sell it for a nominal price over the Internet. If it doesn’t sell, remember that bulky waste doesn’t belong in or next to the dumpster. The municipality will eventually take it away, but the old couch or wardrobe belongs to the collection yard. Be sure not to burn it at home either. Modern incinerators have multi-stage filters. You can also leave a container attached.


There are many portals where you can get rid of old and unnecessary things. For example, used furniture Dubai is very well-known, and works in the form of static advertisements. The advantage is that the offered subject can be easily found using text search engines. Therefore, it will be found exactly by the person who is looking for it, and the chances of its sale are high. The ad can also be published for free.

You might be surprised by who else your old chair, couch, chest of drawers, or wardrobe will come in handy. In addition, people are usually happy to take away the purchased furniture themselves, and you will be out of a job. Smaller items are usually sent by post. Here, too, the subject can be easily found using search engines.


Advertising, which also works well and you can place your ad here for free, is on the online portal, where the furniture and home accessories section, like on other websites, is divided into many other subcategories.


For used furniture buyers in Dubai, where you can find advertisements for the sale or purchase of furniture, office equipment, shops, and stores, There are more than enough subcategories here.

Used Furniture Buyers in Dubai

As the name suggests, you can find a Used furniture buyer in Dubai, both used and new, on the Nabytek-bazaar. eu portal. Advertising is free and you can find ads from all over Dubai here. The furniture can be, as always, made of solid wood, rustic and Scandinavian, suitable for houses, apartments, and offices.


You can advertise your furniture for free. You can thus contribute to a very varied offer of used, refurbished, and new furniture, which will surely serve someone well and make them happy. View the current ads for sale in the furniture category, so you know how to advertise and place your ad for free. There are many more similar portals.

Try social media

You can also bet on social networks. There are many pages and groups on Facebook where you can easily find Used Furniture Buyers offered for sale or just for pickup. You will also find those divided into individual cities and districts. Even then, the need to solve complex logistics with transport can be avoided.

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