Guide to Safe and Legal Marijuana Delivery in San Jose

Guide to Safe and Legal Marijuana Delivery in San Jose
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weed deliveryThe West Coast cannabis industry continues to grow each year as more adults develop an interest in marijuana consumption. This mature stage of the industry has seen weed dispensaries offering new services that comply with California’s selling and distribution laws. 

One such service is weed delivered to a customer’s door just like any other e-commerce business. San Jose in particular has no shortage of high-quality weed dispensaries where you can benefit from the convenience of having weed products sent to you. That said, if you’re a newbie to online marijuana orders, the process can be intimidating with all the regulations that come with it. Therefore, this article will provide you with tips and information that you need to know to safely, legally, and confidently buy weed for delivery in this Bay Area city. 

Here’s a guide to safe and legal marijuana delivery in San Jose. 

Always Have Cash Available

Whether your chosen dispensary allows you to order and pay online or pay when the driver arrives, it’s a good idea to always keep cash on you. Doing this will give you the flexibility to complete your order in case the payment method changes. Debit and credit cards are federally regulated so card companies have trouble accepting cannabis payments on these accounts. 

This is especially necessary when choosing the curbside pickup delivery method as some weed dispensaries in San Jose only permit cash payments. If you come up short, there are ATMs in stores that you can use to withdraw that come with a fee. The extra cash that you have on you can also go towards tipping the delivery driver as well as the final amount for your order if sales tax isn’t included in the total fee. Also, check with your weed dispensary in San Jose if they accept crypto payments as well. 

Order Between 8 am and 5 pm 

Due to California’s marijuana laws, cannabis orders can only be delivered within the state and thus San Jose between 10 am and 6 pm. While most dispensaries have set operating hours, 8 am-5 pm should be used as guidelines on when to order as deliveries typically begin dispatching at 10 am and the last orders of the day before 6 pm. 

This gives the delivery driver enough time to travel to each location, plan routes around the demarcated San Jose zone, and take breaks. If you place an order after hours or too late in the evening such as midnight, then the delivery can only be fulfilled the next day from 10 am. Thus, if you want the convenience of same-day marijuana delivery in San Jose then make sure to order during working hours. The delivery usually arrives within an hour or two depending on your distance and traffic at the time of the day. 

Accept Delivery To Your Address or Pickup Location

Once again, weed delivery services must comply with California’s regulations and laws that only permit delivery to certain locations. Therefore, you can only receive your weed at your physical residential address. Additionally, your driver can deliver the weed to a pickup location such as your non-federal workplace once you have permission. 

These are the only two locations where you’re legally permitted to accept your weed delivery services. This means any place in public, federal land and buildings and even your car are not suitable locations. Remember that you’ll need to be home or at work to accept the delivery yourself since you must show your ID before the delivery is complete. If you need someone to collect your order, make sure your address has previously been verified by the dispensary. 

Order From Licensed Dispensaries 

Weed dispensaries in San Jose must be licensed to provide delivery services. Therefore, check that your chosen store is licensed with the state of California. If the store is online only it should have a type 9 licence that permits the selling and delivery of marijuana products without a storefront. 

The type 10 licence is for dispensaries with storefronts to sell and deliver weed products. Doing this will keep you in compliance with the state’s delivery laws and ensure your order and the delivery service are legitimized. Furthermore, a licensed dispensary will make sure that your order arrives at your door in discreet packaging and can be tracked throughout its dispatched journey, keeping your purchase safe and quality assured. 

Check Delivery Radius 

For budgeting purposes, check the delivery radius of the dispensary that you’ve chosen to order from. The farther you are the more you’ll either have to pay for delivery or meet the minimum required cannabis product spend for a free delivery. If you fall out of the delivery zone in San Jose, then look for another dispensary closer to your area. 

Closer proximity will also increase your chances of getting your order on the same day within the legally required timeframe if you order closer to the evening. Keep in mind that all weed deliveries must take place in California if you live in San Jose and must not cross state lines.  

Create An Account On The Dispensary Website 

If you’re a frequent cannabis buyer and you have a preferred dispensary you enjoy ordering from, then create an account on their website. Doing this will cut through the process every time you want to order as all your details will conveniently be captured and verified once and for all, making delivery seamless. 

To create an account, you’ll need an email address, proof of your ID, and a physical address. These will be verified by the dispensary’s online verification tool once you’ve uploaded them. This is part of the cannabis delivery regulation where weed dispensaries in San Jose must check that customers are above 21 years old or 18 years old for medical cannabis and have a physical address to receive the marijuana products. 


It has never been easier and safer to order weed in San Jose and have it delivered to your doorstep or workplace legally. As mentioned above, you can streamline this process by choosing a nearby verified dispensary and creating your account on their website. 

Then get your ID and proof of address verified before you begin placing orders during the working hour timeframe of 8 am to 5 pm. When your weed arrives, it will be delivered in discreet packaging, and you can pay in cash which is the most flexible payment method. Remember to only accept a weed delivery on your property or workplace if cleared. All of this is an easy and convenient way to take advantage of the cities’ high-quality weed dispensary and delivery services. 

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