Google Reviews vs. Yelp: Which Platform Reigns Supreme for Businesses

Google Reviews vs. Yelp: Which Platform Reigns Supreme for Businesses
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In today’s digital environment, the competition is high for small and local businesses. Businesses today have a lot more to worry about than local advertisements and spreading word-of-mouth because online reviews are important to look into them. Before ever deciding to make a purchase, every 9 out of 10 customers read online reviews making it important to embed Google reviews on your website

Online customer reviews not only influence what products consumers buy but can also impact where they go on a staycation, get their hair cut, go for dinner at a restaurant, and a whole range of other decisions. Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews are two platforms that help businesses generate online reviews and improve their reputation. Read this blog to learn more about these review platforms. 

Understanding Yelp Reviews 

A popular online platform that publishes crowd-sourced reviews about businesses is called Yelp Reviews. To help people discover and connect with local businesses is the main purpose of Yelp. Users can make informed decisions based on Yelp reviews about where to spend their time and money. To display their products and services to connect with potential customers, businesses can use Yelp. 

How Does Yelp Review Work?

Businesses can use this platform by opting to embed Yelp reviews on website. The procedure for using Yelp to find, review, and interact with local businesses is simple. Users can search for businesses by entering keywords related to the type of business or service by using the Yelp website or app. 

With a Yelp account, users can leave a review which must include a description in 85 characters and a rating from 1 to 5 stars which can also include photos. These reviews can be displayed on the website by using a Yelp review widget. You can set up a profile as a business on Yelp and show important information like location, phone number, hours of operation, etc. 

Understanding Google Reviews 

About businesses, users provide ratings and reviews posted on Google’s platform known as Google Reviews. Local businesses, are part of Google’s broader offering known as Google My Business and appear next to the business’s profile in both Google Maps and Search. 

How Does Google Review Work? 

Users must search and locate the business listing and then rate the business on a scale from 1 to 5 to leave reviews on Google. Users can also include a description as well as photos and videos in their Google reviews. Google Reviews are shown prominently alongside information like business name, contact information, and address because users look for a particular business or location on Google Maps. 

With the help of a Google Review widget, businesses can display the online reviews on their website provided by the users. In attracting customers to local businesses, Google reviews play a significant role. In local search results, Google reviews are one such factor that can influence a business’s position. 

Google Reviews Vs. Yelp: Which Platform Reigns Supreme 

Here’s a breakdown of which review platform is best based on several key factors: 

1. User Base 

Opt for Google Reviews if you are looking to reach a user base. More than 87% of users used Google to research local businesses in 2022, as per the survey of BrightLocal’s2023 Local Consumer Review Survey. Only 41% of users said they use Yelp which decreased from 53% in 2021. 

2. Review Authenticity 

To protect the integrity of reviews and more robust punitive measures in place for violators, Yelp seems to have a more comprehensive approach which makes it an ideal choice if you prioritize review authenticity. However, violators may have their business listings removed, get a search ranking penalty, and get banned from advertising for at least one year. 

3. User Intent 

To simply conduct research or learn more about a product or service, some customers use Google they rarely rely on Yelp. You need to optimize your Yelp profile if you’re looking for high-intent users. More than 92% of customers who use consumer online review sites say they purchased after visiting Yelp. 

Google Reviews Vs. Yelp: Based On Industry 

Based on the nature of business, the superiority of Google or Yelp Reviews within specific industries can vary: 

1. Restaurants And Food Services 

Due to the community-driven reviews and focus on detailed experiences, Yelp is preferred. For restaurant recommendations and food services, users generally rely on Yelp reviews. 

Google Reviews are especially popular for discoverability and local SEO. On Google many users search for local restaurants and food businesses and the positive Google reviews can significantly impact the visibility of a business. 

2. E-Commerce And Retail 

For the local retail and e-commerce industry, Yelp is less common but might be relevant. In this sector, its impact might not be as significant as Google’s. 

Google Reviews are crucial in this sector given the wider reach and integration with Google Search. While online searching for products and services, Google reviews can influence a buyer’s decisions. 

3. Local Services 

Yelp reviews offer insights and opinions due to its community-centric nature on local services which enable users to make informed decisions. 

Google reviews are critical for local service providers as they significantly influence local search visibility. 

Final Note! 

After going through the aforementioned detailed information about Google Reviews vs. Yelp, you can now make up your mind while having a dilemma of choosing one among them. Before creating a business profile on both these platforms, you must consider their pros and cons. To enjoy more benefits, it can always be beneficial to create a profile on both. To bring the best of both worlds, leverage both these review platforms. 

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