Explore Budget Friendly Desert Safari Dubai

Explore Budget Friendly Desert Safari Dubai
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Here is a guide to Dubai Desert Safari, where you can choose your safari destination. Dubai Desert Safari is the ultimate guide to the Dubai Desert. Dubai is situated in the Arabian Desert, which has a desert-like landscape. Dubai is home to many marvels, including the Burj Al-Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper on earth, and unique and modern attractions. The desert safari is a must-do in this glitzy Emirate.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery while also taking part in a variety of fun activities. On your visit to Dubai, you should take advantage of a Dubai desert safari.

Dubai Desert Safari Packages

Arabia Horizons Tours provides a guide to the Desert Safari Dubai. During your Dubai vacation, you can choose from various desert Excursions.

Evening Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

A desert safari in the evening will allow you to explore a fantastic desert landscape you can’t see anywhere else.

This tour will take you on an exciting desert drive to discover the golden sands dunes in the middle of the desert. Then, you will enjoy the magnificent desert sunset before heading to the desert camp.

The camp has been decorated with carpets from Arabia, cushions, and low tables, which give it a genuinely Arabic feel. 

Then, you can enjoy a delicious Barbecue Dinner with meat, salads, and the main course. Dessert is also available. To finish the evening, a belly dancer will entertain you.

Al Maha Desert Safari

Al Maha Desert Safari is an exciting journey into the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. It allows you to drive four-wheel vehicles over the sand dunes and ride a camel, the undisputed ship of the desert.

Watch the sunset over the desert and dine at a traditional Bedouin camp. Dubai Wildlife is a must-see.

Sunrise Desert Safari

The early morning tour is relaxing and a great way to see the desert of Dubai. This tour begins at 4:15 am and will allow you to see the sun rise over the desert horizon.

On the tour, you will stop to take a picture at the camel ranch, ride a camel, and do some dune bashing.

Dubai Camel Safari

This safari will take you on an exciting camel ride through Dubai’s desert. In the beginning, camels were used to transport people due to their ability to travel long distances with little food or water and withstand strong desert winds.

The camel safari takes place in groups/caravans with a camel trainer who can help you control the animal. Dubai Camel Safari offers the following packages.

Morning session

This is 30 minutes of camel riding in the morning.

Evening session

This is 30 minutes of camel riding in the afternoon or for an hour.

Evening session with Barbeque Dinner

A 30-minute or an hour-long camel ride in the afternoon or evening is included with a barbeque meal in a desert camp.

Full-Day Adventure Safari

Full-Day Adventure Safari includes a barbeque and picnic dinner. You will leave for an adventure mountain trail drive through the Hajar Mountains early in the morning. You will then proceed to Hatta Heritage Village to see the old fort and stop for lunch.

At the Bedouin camp, you will be welcomed with a warm Arabian welcome. In the evening, you can enjoy a barbecue. You can also try henna, wear Arabic costumes, and ride camels.

Before you travel, here are some things to consider

We’ve put together some tips to help you have the best experience possible on your desert safari in Dubai. The best time to go is November to April because it’s winter in Dubai with cooler temperatures and pleasant afternoons.

Wear clothing suitable for warm weather, and bring hoodies, parkas, and pullovers to keep you warm in the morning and evening. The extra layers can protect you against the sand. Wear loose pants that can be worn in hot weather but also provide comfort when inside an air-conditioned vehicle.

You should be aware that during Ramadan, alcohol is not served, and belly dancing shows are postponed.