Essential Frame Color Tips for First-Time Buyers Guess Glasses

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Are you unsure of what color Guess glasses frame will go best for you? Could you use a flash of color or something neutral? Do not worry; we have you set! Continue reading for a thorough guide on selecting the hues of glasses that best complement your distinct features and personality. 

What should you think about when choosing the color of your glasses?

While your face shape might help you choose the kind of frame that best suits you, the key to selecting the ideal color for your glasses is to consider your personal coloring.   For this, you should pay close attention to the color of your skin, hair, and eyes!   Consider the following two options:  

  • Choose a color that complements your natural coloring
  • Choose a color that contrasts to draw attention to your unique features.

Being well-versed in color theory will also aid in limiting your options. In light of this, the following are the primary points to remember for every category:

Choosing your glasses color according to your skin tone

Everybody has a different complexion, therefore, based on your undertone and skin tone, you might be more likely to choose particular colors to accentuate your distinctive features. There are six primary categories for complexion:  

  • Pale complexion with chilly undertones  

Those who fit under this category typically have pink skin with blue undertones. This skin tone is best suited for pastels and light neutrals, particularly baby pinks, blues, and cool beiges. However, avoid using green and yellow hues since they could interfere with the original coloring.  

  • Pale complexion with undertones of warmth  

You have pale skin and warm undertones if you possess a fair, pink complexion with undertones of yellow and green. For those with this complexion, warm neutral hues like dark tortoiseshell and browns Guess eyeglasses frames, as well as vibrant hues like reds and corals, are popular choices. On the other hand, blues should usually be avoided because they tend to wash out the skin.

  • Cool undertones and a medium skin tone

This group includes those with an even cast and blue and pink undertones; they appear especially beautiful in jewel tones, such as burgundy, blue, and purple. If neutrals are more to your taste, gunmetal, and black frames also look great on this skin tone. Conversely, people with this skin type typically stay away from warm colors and extremely subdued shades.

  • Warm undertones and a medium skin tone

Warm browns and earth tones are safe bets for individuals in this category because they mix well with a medium cast and overtones of green and yellow. However, this complexion type typically prefers browns, ambers, and tortoiseshell patterns; some, also like an olive gold Guess prescription eyeglasses frame. On the other hand, cooler jewel tones tend to look out of place on this specific skin tone.

  • ​Cool undertones and a deep skin tone 

Stick to gunmetal and blue hues to resemble the lovely coloration of your skin if you have darker complexions with cool blue undertones. Black frames and smoky purples will go well with your unique skin tone.  

  • Warm undertones and a deep skin tone  

Deep-toned people with yellow undertones can look stunning in deep golds and greens, but they can also pull off deeper browns, caramel, and cognac frames.

Selecting glasses colors based on your line of work

Since you’ll be using your new glasses daily, you should also think about how well they complement your career and lifestyle.  

Official workspaces  

Choose traditional looks in muted hues like black, navy blue, and brown if you engage in a more formal environment to project professionalism. Metallics like champagne and silver may also create a refined vibe, and tortoiseshell designs are a great way to inject flair and individuality.  

The creative sectors  

Creative professionals may present their uniqueness by choosing quirky frames in current hues. You can also select from a variety of patterns, such as floral and animal prints, as well as two-toned frames.

Choosing hues according to individual taste

Your glasses need to represent your own style, so don’t be scared to play around with striking tints and unusual color schemes!   If you live a life of simplicity, you’ll be pleased to hear those neutrals, including transparent frames, are fashionable right now and work well with almost any ensemble. However, there are also a ton of eye-catching hues and trendy patterns available for the more unconventional buyer, which are guaranteed to complement your unique style.  

Advice on selecting the hue of sunglasses

To choose an appealing frame and lens tint for Guess sunglasses, just use the same rules that apply to hair and skin tone. After all, sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes against the sun. ​For instance, a darker shade might lend some edge to their delicate features and provide a wonderful contrast with fair hair and/or complexion. Conversely, when combined with anything light, pastels and brighter hues add a whimsical touch.   

If the tones complement the undertones of their skin and hair, those with darker complexions can usually wear both light as well as dark lenses. On the other hand, people with black hair typically like bolder hues and stay away from pastel or light hues because they tend to fade when matched with dark-colored hair.

The shape of the frame is important too!

Identifying the features on your face that you want to accentuate or minimize helps select the ideal frame.  However, the way your face is shaped can also be quite important when making a decision.   

A final note regarding choosing the hue of glasses

Although identifying your distinctive features will help you determine which frames work best for you, it’s important to remember that style is personal and should ultimately be determined by how you believe your greatest. For any event, personality, or mood, Eyeweb has a large assortment of frames.

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