Easy steps to calculate your Two-wheeler LoanEMI

Easy steps to calculate your Two-wheeler LoanEMI
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Two-wheelers are emerging as a popular means of transportation for Indians, especially youngsters. Besides being a cost-effective alternative, two-wheelers ensure the convenience of travelling. However, not everyone can afford to purchase a scooter or a motorcycle with the upfront payment owing to its prices. In such cases, the best solution is to get a Two-wheeler Loan.

To be prepared for all the eventualities of the borrowing, you must be aware of the repayment structure. To do so, you need to compute the EMI amount in advance. The best way to calculate the instalments and plan the finances is to use a Bike Loan EMI Calculator online. Once you know the monthly instalments, you can plan your budget accordingly and seamlessly sail through the repayment term.

How to calculate Two-wheeler Loan EMI?

The Two-wheeler Loan EMI calculator works on the following mathematical formula: 

EMI = [P x R x (1+R) ^N]/ [(1+R) ^ (N-1)], where P is the Principal amount, R is the interest rate, and N is the loan tenure

Here are the steps you must follow to calculate Two-wheeler Loan EMI using the online calculator.

Step 1: Visit the preferred lender’s official website, and go to the Two-wheeler Loan EMI Calculator.

Step 2: Enter the loan amount you need. You can also use the slider to do so.

Step 3: Enter the interest rate and loan tenure in the following fields.

You will instantly see the auto-computed EMI amount and total interest payable. Change the digits in the respective fields to see which loan options suits your financial requirements. You can try infinite combinations of loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure to make a concrete financial decision.

Benefits of using a Two-wheeler Loan EMI Calculator

The Two-wheeler Loan EMI Calculator bestows borrowers with the following benefits:

Fast and error-free results: Using a Bike Loan EMI Calculator, you can quickly get away with complex EMI calculations. This financial tool ultimately curbs the chance of miscalculations, unlike manual calculation mode, which is susceptible to errors and highly time-consuming. You can save time visiting the bank branch and the tedious calculation of the loan terms.

A slight error in the calculation can result in financial turmoil. However, with this tool, you can be sure of 100% error-free results instantly. As the results are displayed instantly, it helps in saving a lot of time.

Infinite use: The bike loan EMI Calculator can be used as often as you want. You do not have to bear any additional charge to access it. Most notably, you do not have to share any personal and financial credentials to use the tool. Hence, you do not have to think about the security issues. It is the safest way of computing bike loan EMI amount.

Compare loan options:  You can try the permutation and combination of the loan terms offered by various lenders and compare the overall cost involved with each of the borrowings. Jot down the outcome of each computation and choose the best loan offer.

By analysing the repayment structure, you can also get an idea of the loan amount you can afford without compromising other monthly financial obligations. Another notable thing is that you can save the money you would otherwise have to give to the financial advisor or any intermediary who would help you with the calculation process.

Offers amortisation schedule: Besides getting to know the EMI amount, you can also know the breakup of your loan repayment. You can see the exact percentage of the interest rate and principal amount payable every month till the end of the repayment tenure. This helps you to plan the prepayment and close your loan before tenure completion. Assessing your finances beforehand will also help you to get an idea of your financial requirements and plan accordingly.

Easy to use: One of the most notable benefits of the Two-wheeler Loan EMI Calculator is the ease of using it. It comes with a user-friendly interface and can be used anywhere and anytime. You can get this financial tool on the official website of the lender. You can even access this tool on the dedicated app of the financial institution.

Choose repayment tenure: You can also decide on loan tenure using a Two-wheeler Loan EMI Calculator. You can try different combinations of loan tenures and see which works best for you. It is essential to assess which term will help to clear the EMI payments without burden. If you can afford a higher EMI, then go for shorter loan tenure. On the other hand, if you have to manage other financial liabilities, you must go for longer loan tenure.Finance planning: When you have an overview of the repayment, you can manage your other expenses well and avoid defaulting on the EMI payment. You can prevent future financial problems and plan your budget efficiently. In addition, prior calculation positions you advantageously for negotiating with the lender. 

As you know the amount of EMI that you have to pay, you can negotiate with the lender for interest rates and even other charges like the processing fees. 


A Two-wheeler Loan is an effective credit option that enables you to materialise your dream of buying a bike. Using the Two-wheeler Loan EMI Calculator, you can compute the EMI amount beforehand, draft the repayment structure in advance, and make your borrowing rewarding.

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