Craft a Compelling Dissertation Literature Review: Tips and Tricks

Craft a Compelling Dissertation Literature Review: Tips and Tricks
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A literature review is an essential chapter of the dissertation. It requires a critical evaluation of the existing data. To write this section, first, you have to review the available sources. Then, you need to examine the sources. After this, you have to summarize the findings. With the help of this information, you can find the gap in research. You can read various dissertation examples to identify how the literature review is written in them. However, if you still face issues in writing this section, you can use the tips given in the next part. With the help of these pointers, you can write a correct literature review.

Tips and Tricks for Writing Dissertation Literature Review

In this section, you will learn the tips and tricks that help you write an excellent dissertation literature review. Now, let us discuss the pointers.

Define the Topic

For writing a literature review, you must choose a good topic for your research. There are so many themes available today for preparing the project that it becomes difficult for you to select one topic to write a literature review. You can use the following tips to choose the theme. Firstly, identify the audience. Secondly, you can take the help of various articles and books to choose the topic. Lastly, you can also take surveys and interviews to select the theme. Moreover, this helps you find the correct information to include in the academic work.

Identify Sources

For writing a good dissertation literature review, it is essential that you first identify the sources you want to review. For this, you need to know about the objectives of your dissertation. It helps you in finding the correct source for the project. You can take the help of various books and articles. Make a list of sources, so you do not forget to include essential information.

Consider Gaps in Research

Identifying the gap is a crucial part of dissertation writing. As, based on this, you will prepare the research paper. But what is this “gap”? Well, it is a problem or research question that has not been solved in the previous literature of a researcher. Moreover, when you identify this issue and prepare your project on this, you can show the readers the originality of the research paper. It also shows them about your critical ability.

Read Samples

For writing a literature review, you should read some samples of it. If you are writing the dissertation for the first time, reading examples will prove to be a key element. It gives you an overview of what points to include in the literature review. Moreover, it also helps you write ideas in the correct structure. Hence, with this, you can review the points. With this, you can get a good grasp of what one can expect in this section. With this, you can also seek dissertation help online to find various samples of literature reviews.

Keep it Simple

To write a literature review, it is beneficial that you narrow down the topic. As there are so many arguments and perspectives already present. So, it becomes difficult for you if you try to include all these points in your literature review. So, try to include only the arguments that relate to the research question. Moreover, it also helps your audience understand the context of your work.

Use Current Sources

On whatever topic you are writing a literature review, it is good if you use the current sources. As it helps you explain the research paper easily. On the contrary, if you use outdated data for academic work, it makes your readers confused about the project. Moreover, it also puts a question mark on your ability to examine the sources. Hence, it is better to use newspapers and articles to find the latest information. With this, you can also find the data online as well.

Choose the Type of Review

After gathering sources for your literature review, it is time to decide the way you want to write this section. There are two types of review- mini or full review. In a mini-review, you have to present the information concisely. It means, include only the data that is most essential for your research paper. On the other hand, in full review, you can write lengthy information. In this type of review, you have the freedom to present detailed information. Moreover, there are no specific word limits in this as compared to the mini-review.

Make Focused Review

In whatever type of review you want to present the information, make sure that you present the information in a focused way. Try to write the ideas in such a way that it does not confuse the readers. A focused review helps in explaining the concepts to readers easily. Moreover, when you write a focused review, it also helps to demonstrate your critical thinking ability.

Organize the Work

After you have gathered the sources for your research, the next step that comes is to organize the work. For this, you have to decide the structure of your literature review. It means, you need to identify which information is most important and requires more attention. Then, you also have to check that the whole literature review is in the same writing style. By organizing the work correctly, you can present the information in an easy-to-understand way. 


You can see various dissertation examples for writing the literature review. It is a chapter of the dissertation. It requires a critical evaluation of the existing sources. This information helps you address the gap in existing research and serves as a basis for your research. The tips mentioned in this article help you write the best literature review for your research paper. Keep this section simple, so that the audience can understand the context of the project. Moreover, try to make your literature review focused. It means providing the information related to the research question only. Also, take care to write the literature review in an organized way.

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