Boosting Your IELTS Speaking Score in a Month

Boosting Your IELTS Speaking Score in a Month

If you tackle the Speaking section of the IELTS in the appropriate way, raising your band score is not a difficult endeavour. Well, as you know, the examiner will meet with you face-to-face throughout the section and ask you questions designed to gauge your command of the English language. Speaking English fluently and clearly is a requirement, but there are also other fundamentals to keep in mind before, during, and after the exam. 

The essay will outline the most important details to keep in mind on test day, as well as suggestions for how to do well on the section in less than a month. If the speaking portion of the IELTS exam has you worried, read this article to hone your skills and perform at your best. 

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Boost your performance on the IELTS speaking exam in as little as a month:

Practise exams

Many applicants express worry about the in-person meeting with the examiner and seek advice on how to alleviate their nerves. You can practise talking in front of an exam proctor by giving yourself daily mock exams. Just sit in front of a mirror and pretend your own reflection is an examiner, or enlist the aid of a friend or sibling. Try responding to the questions and you’ll boost your ability to think in English. 


If you’re feeling anxious, meditating every day is the best way to calm your nerves. Through meditation, you can train yourself to focus on constructive thoughts. The anxiety and restlessness that many test takers experience in such a short time before an exam can be mitigated with regular meditation practise.

In addition, if you meditate properly, you’ll be able to release the discouraging and negative ideas that are hindering your performance. 

Taking in the News 

Reading the newspaper on a regular basis will, without a doubt, help you learn English more quickly and effectively. Your English language abilities will improve with consistent exposure to vocabulary and formal English. As a bonus, you’ll increase your knowledge of, and comfort with, the rules of standard English grammar. 


The ability to speak and understand spoken English fluently depends on your familiarity with the pronunciation of the words. Engage with the pronunciation of the words on a regular basis by listening to English music, listening to podcasts, watching videos of interviews on YouTube, etc.  

Extensive explanations

Remember that the purpose of the test is to assess your proficiency in speaking English. Look for questions or scenarios that show the examiner your English proficiency. Only when providing detailed responses to the questions will this be acceptable. You may see what it takes to succeed in the oral portion of the test by watching the channel’s sample tests on YouTube. 

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If you want to do well on the IELTS speaking section, you shouldn’t neglect the other parts of the test. Following these guidelines, you can achieve an outstanding IELTS speaking band score in as little as one month. Speaking English fluently also necessitates a firm grasp of the language’s most fundamental grammatical and lexical concepts. Start with the best book and use example papers to improve your English.

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