Benefits of Android App Development

Benefits of Android App Development
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When a company needs to develop, they need to consider. Both of these platforms have their strengths and weaknesses. The one you choose will depend on the project’s needs. When looking at Android, this tends to be an open source mobile operating system that has a huge user base as well as a simplified mobile app development procedure. 

There are many companies choosing Android app development and making custom mobile apps to help handle consumer issues. Android tends to be free and is also an open platform that is built on Linux. 

The need for Android app development has increased and the following are some advantages of this:

Increased market reach

Android is a very popular mobile operating system present on the market. It has a huge global market share. This is why Android is the option to choose if you wish your app to get to many global users. 

This can mostly be seen in developing markets. Here the higher costs of iOS devices cannot be handled by many people. 

Apart from these countries, Android also has a huge share in higher-income countries. When a business develops an Android app they will have a significant market reach as well as exposure allowing it to have a higher chance of succeeding. 

Low investment 

Android possesses a low barrier to entry. When looking at Android, it gives freely its Software Development Kit or SDK to developers. This limits the development along with licensing expenses. 

There are three stages when it comes to the development costs of these apps. The first stage is application development then there is testing of the app and finally there will be the hardware cost for testing as well as deploying the android mobile app. 

Therefore Android should be chosen by companies that wish to have a quicker and also higher return on their investment. This can be due to Android’s superior market reach which allows it to have more users and so increased revenue potential for the app. 

Limited time to market

Businesses that wish to launch their project fast can choose Android as the operating system. This is because Google Play Store tends to be a really efficient app marketplace. 

When you compare it to the Apple App Store, the needs are less demanding. The approval procedure is often faster. It also helps when it comes with releasing updates as well as bug fixes. 

Android is attractive because apart from the Google Play Store there are also other marketplaces where one can publish their app. It is possible to deploy the app in the Amazon Appstore, NOOK Apps, as well as Samsung Apps. 

The diversity results in businesses having an increased likelihood of getting the app downloaded onto people’s devices. This allows there to be quicker momentum for the app. 

Android even has several tools which help increase the speed of the app development process. 

Access to different devices

The range of devices that Android apps can be deployed on is many. There are many brands which employ the Android OS and these are spread across many devices. These include high-end smartphones and even affordable devices which cost really little. The vast variety of devices allows the app to have more exposure. 

Android apps are even able to be utilized on other platforms. This includes Android TV for instance that is able to run some apps upon a smart TV. It is possible to also run Android apps directly upon Microsoft Windows and that without third-party emulators. This will allow you to potentially expose your app to many people worldwide. 

The multi-platform ecosystem gives many interesting use cases which allow Android apps to be more compelling. Android gives the tools to help these interactions be easier. 

Android’s major market reach as well as device diversity is not only for exposure. It even gives developers the chance to provide amazing new experiences to users. 

Excellent app security

Some people think that iOS apps are safer in comparison to Android. They think that Android is open source and so it is less safe. It has been claimed that the Android OS gets built keeping security in mind. 

It employs Security-Enhanced Linux or SELinux. This allows the OS to carry out access control. SELinux does not allow any process to go ahead or any operation to be carried out without any explicit permission. 

This aids in stopping unauthorized access by malware. The developers even have access to many security tools. 

Android for instance has native libraries present for user authentication, biometrics, along with encryption to aid in keeping apps safe from hacks and even data breaches. as developers have the tools for this. It depends on the way that developers employ these tools. 

Compatibility with various screen devices

Android has a high level of compatibility with different screen devices. A good Android app can run on different devices and with varied hardware configurations. Therefore the platform is able to provide amazing performance to people no matter what device the person is using. It can be a tablet, phone, desktop, etc. 


An issue that some developers face with Apple is its closed ecosystem. This results in an enhanced stable development environment, but it reduces what your app may do along with its tools. Android has advantages here.

This is due to the fact that Android is open source. Manufacturers are able to employ it in their devices without licensing as well as royalties. Therefore it is more tolerant of open-source tools. 

Due to Android’s open-source nature, it creates an environment that developers prefer. Developers are able to access extensive tools, documentation, along with resources at the time of building apps.

Android even encourages transparency. It is possible for anyone to review as well as audit the OS code and so help figure out and fix any vulnerabilities. 

By letting independent evaluations occur, it is possible to increase trust amongst developers and even helps develop a stable platform. 

Simple customization

Android should be preferred when an app needs extensive customization. This is because it allows you to have more options for this. For example, there will be more support for third-party tools as well as plugins. 

An example of this includes accessing the particular device’s file system. When looking at iOS, this generally does not let this happen. It behaves in sandbox mode, limiting the files that an app is able to access. It does not let one app interact with the files of some other.

Android is said to not have this restriction. Different underlying hardware like the camera and even CPU can be directly accessible to an Android app. 

This can be dangerous, but it allows new possibilities to come up if done properly. 

Due to the customization feature, Android apps are simpler to integrate into different platforms. 

It is helpful for businesses to pursue Android app development if they want to create an app that can reach many people and which can give a good impression to people. The top Android app development companies are able to provide a business with skills and qualified staff to create the best app for the business.

 This can allow it to be easier for people to know about the business and buy from it. When you create an excellent app that is easy to use, it is more likely that people will remain on it and buy from the brandfynder.