Incorporating Artificial Green Wall Panels in Commercial Interiors

Incorporating Artificial Green Wall Panels in Commercial Interiors
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Bring nature’s beauty indoors and make a sustainable design statement with artificial green wall panels. Beyond aesthetics, faux vertical greenery enhances wellness, productivity, branding and more in commercial spaces. Read on to explore how artificial verdant walls can architecturally accent your business.

Enhance Employee Wellbeing

Numerous studies confirm exposure to plant life, whether real or artificial, benefits physical and mental health. Green wall panels in offices, healthcare settings, and other work environments create a vibrant, organic backdrop proven to lower stress and fatigue. The result is happier, healthier employees. Artificial greenery filters pollutants and introduces natural hues that refresh the spirit. And unlike living walls, artificial vertical green wall requires zero maintenance from staff, letting them focus on work. With just a glance, artificial green rejuvenates.

Make an Impression

Show clients and customers your business has style with ultra-modern artificial green walls in lobbies, retail stores and other public areas. Statement vertical garden panels craft an impressive entrance, conveying your brand values of creativity and innovation. Vibrant backdrop walls also provide the perfect selfie spot, giving you free promotional social media exposure. For retailers, panels immerse shoppers in an organic oasis away from urban life, encouraging them to linger longer. Panels can even display branding and messaging! Faux green walls make your business memorable.

Enrich Interiors

Divvy up commercial dead space by using faux green wall panels as artistic room dividers. Floor-to-ceiling artificial garden partitions create living borders between desks, cubicles, waiting areas, and collaborative zones. Panels absorb sound and introduce natural hues for soothing separation. Organic dividers also provide an appealing background for displaying decor, signage, menus and more. Get creative with vibrant vertical dividers!

Embrace Sustainability

By choosing artificial over live plants, businesses reduce water usage, maintenance, and waste. Faux greenery needs zero irrigation, pruning, fertilizing or lighting to thrive. Panels repurpose recyclable materials like plastic bottles too. No plant decomposition means less landfill waste. Fake green walls also allow flexibility if business needs change – panels pop on and off easily. The minimal environmental impact makes artificial walls the sustainable style choice.

Reinforce Branding

 Your green wall design can uniquely represent your business. Healthcare settings may opt for peaceful nature imagery while corporate environments can configure greens in logo shapes. Endless panel shape, plant and color options exist. Even add framed photos, shelves and customized graphics into the wall design. With custom artificial installations, you can literally grow your brand identity.

Enhance Wellness

In addition to boosting staff spirits, artificial foliage improves indoor air quality – a win for health-focused businesses like gyms and spas. Faux leaves attract dust while woven backing traps pollutants. Walls also act as natural sound absorbers, creating serene settings. Finally, organic art calms the mind, lowers heart rates and relieves anxiety according to researchers – perfect for massage rooms, waiting areas, yoga studios and more. Artificial green walls nourish wellbeing.

Get Creative

Don’t limit yourself to just walls – artificial foliage makes a statement across interiors. Install vibrant green columns to mark entryways or meeting points. Use long panels as artistic workstation dividers. Suspend airy fronds from ceilings as living canopies in cafes or lounges. Drape lifelike vines along banisters and borders. Pepper your space with potted artificial trees and plants. Let your imagination grow!

Simplify Installation

Modular artificial greenery allows quick, easy on-site installations without construction hassles. Most panels affix directly to existing surfaces with tracks, hangers or magnets for non-invasive application and removal. Configurable modular pieces and integrated lighting connections enable truly turnkey assembly. And should business needs change, the flexible panels pop off to modify or relocate your statement walls with ease. Artificial green walls bring simple sophistication.

Enhance Wellness

Artificial greenery also boosts wellness through biophilic design. Humans innately connect with nature, so organic elements, though artificial, tap into our preference for greenery. Research shows biophilic spaces increase productivity, creativity, and mental health while decreasing stress and anxiety. For businesses like spas, gyms, and healthcare facilities, biophilic panels are an impactful way to support patrons’ wellbeing through innate human-nature connections.

Get Tech Savvy

Incorporate tech into your living walls for next-level functionality. Digital panels allow you to display moving imagery, videos, or even live feeds of real gardens worldwide. Integrate lighting to create sunrise/sunset simulation. Add sensors that react to motion or sound. Get the best of both worlds by pairing natural-looking artificial foliage with high-tech capabilities for an immersive experience.

Maximize Natural Light

Strategically place artificial vertical green wall to maximize sunlight exposure for bright, vibrant interiors. Floor-to-ceiling hallway panels become backlit with sun. Translucent canvas material diffuses light beautifully. Position walls perpendicular to windows so foliage captures sunshine. Add grow lights behind panels in dark spots. Proper lighting and positioning makes your organic art shine.

Consider Maintenance

While artificial plants need little upkeep, regular maintenance optimizes longevity. Wipe panels and foliage to remove dust buildup. Gently vacuum using soft brush attachments. Spot clean oils or stains with mild cleaner and microfiber cloths. Repair any loose fabric or attachments. Evaluate overall condition annually and replace aging panels as needed. Proper care keeps your greens fresh.

Promote Your Green Values

Artificial walls make an eco-friendly statement about your business’s values. They show you care about reducing waste, water and energy usage through sustainable choices. Prominently display your faux greenery to start conversations about your efforts to help the environment. It also sets an example for patrons to implement green solutions themselves.

Get Cost Efficient

Artificial plant walls provide value and savings over time compared to costly, high maintenance live walls. Though initial costs seem higher, faux walls generate savings from not having to install irrigation systems, grow lights or humidification systems. They also don’t require skilled horticultural maintenance, fertilizer, pruning or continual plant replacement. The overall lifecycle costs make them the budget-friendly choice.

Add Acoustic Value

With sound-absorbing qualities, artificial green walls reduce echo and noise. Integrate them into loud commercial spaces for noticeable acoustic improvements. The foliage, attached backing and porous surfaces muffle ambient sounds. Position panels to reduce machine noise or amplify wanted sounds like music or water features. Any business seeking a peaceful atmosphere can benefit from the noise-reduction.

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