What Are the Advantages of Using On-Site Mixed Concrete?

What Are the Advantages of Using On-Site Mixed Concrete?
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The sudden change in the construction industry brings recolonisation in concrete material. On-site mixed concrete refers to the fresh concrete that is made at the construction site. Even though it is a traditional method of concrete and these days, a variety of concrete materials are available, still most people or developers prefer this kind of concrete material when building new houses or buildings. If you want any material selection-related advice for your construction project, contact experts at ‘The Thames Concrete’. This blog post sheds light on why individuals still use this type of concrete and its worthy benefits. Let’s explore together! 

Why Do People Still Use Onsite-Mix Concrete?

If talk about the onsite-mix concrete, it is prepared at the construction site. It confers tailored solutions that allow precise adjustments to the concrete mix based on project requirements and ensure optimal strength and durability. Most importantly, there is no need to wait for supplies because you can make it according to your project requirements at your project site. Furthermore, this method eliminates waste, as only the required amount is mixed, promoting sustainability. This kind of concrete stimulates logistical efficiency by reducing the requirement for transportation of pre-mixed concrete, reducing associated costs and environmental impact. 

Eventually, the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and environmental advantages make on-site mixed concrete a preferred solution for construction projects, particularly those demanding personalised mixes and efficient resource utilisations. Therefore, it is considered a premium quality concrete for construction projects. 

What are the Advantages of Onsite Mix Concrete?

Have you ever thought about the advantages of using onsite mix concrete while you are planning your most recent project? If not, let’s explore with us: 

Freshness and Quality

On-site mix concrete is prepared at the construction site, thus it is fresh and qualitative. This freshness contributes to the overall quality of the concrete as it reduces concerns related to the transportation time from the batching plant. Freshly mixed concrete tends to have better workability and strength, resulting in a more durable end product. These types of characteristics make it an ideal choice for your building projects.

Better Control over Quality

Onsite mixing of concrete provides construction teams with better control over the quality of the concrete throughout the entire process. Monitoring and adjusting the on-site mixture allows for real-time quality control, ensuring that the concrete meets the required specifications and standards for the specific project.

Consistency of Concrete

You have better control over the consistency of the concrete when you use on-site mixed concrete. This is because the ingredients (like water, aggregates, etc.) for the concrete are kept separate until they are mixed using special machines called volumetric mixers. This implies that you will be able to select the precise consistency that best meets your requirements. The concrete being prepared at your site gives you a significant logistical benefit. 


As compared to other concrete types, Onsite mix concrete may be less expensive. As it is prepared at the construction site, thus there is no need for a truck or any other vehicle for a supply like ready-mix concrete (however vehicles are used once for material supplies). Most importantly, if there is any shortage in the quantity of concrete, workers can make it immediately and fulfil the construction needs. Reducing the requirement for transportation from a batching plant eliminates transportation costs and minimizes the risk of concrete setting during transit, ultimately saving money for the project.

It comes with Customisation

Volumetric concrete offers the opportunity to customise the mixture according to specific project needs. Thus, if you are working on a big project, you will prepare it as per your choice. Construction teams can adjust the proportions of aggregates, cement, and additives on-site to meet the particular requirements of your building project, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Eliminates Waste

Freshly mixed concrete helps reduce waste by allowing precise control over the quantity of materials used. This reduces the likelihood of overordering concrete, which can be a common issue with pre-mixed concrete deliveries. As a result, construction projects can be more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. 

Environment Friendly

Since on-site mixed concrete lessens the carbon footprint of transportation, it is environmentally favourable. Through the elimination of the requirement for lengthy transportation of pre-mixed concrete, this technique dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, on-site mixing reduces waste by providing improved control over material quantities. The capacity to modify mixes on-site guarantees effective resource use, which promotes sustainability. Overall, onsite mixed concrete is an environmentally benign option for the construction industry.

Flexibility in Pouring

The flexibility to adjust the mix on-site enables construction teams to adapt to changing conditions during the pouring process. Factors such as weather conditions, unexpected delays, or changes in project specifications can be easily accommodated which results in an efficient a smooth construction process.

Time Efficiency

It is undeniable that every moment is precious. By taking this thing into account, you should utilise fresh mixed concrete for your next construction project. It contributes to time efficiency by reducing the requirement for transportation delays associated with ready-mix concrete. Construction workers can commence the mixing process promptly, leading to faster project completion times. It is perfect for time-sensitive projects or those in remote locations.

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Lower Carbon Footprint

Since volumetric concrete reduces the need for transportation, it inherently has a lower carbon footprint compared to ready-mix concrete. The environmental impact is further reduced by minimizing energy consumption associated with the transportation process, making it a more sustainable selection for construction projects.

Lastly, when it comes to selecting exceptional quality concrete material for your construction project, the name of the on-site mix concrete is not hidden. Its excellent durability and long-lasting qualities make it an ideal choice for your building projects. From the freshness and premium quality of the concrete to cost-effectiveness, reduced waste, and environmental merits, the utilisation of on-site mixed concrete contributes positively to the overall construction process. This approach provides construction teams with greater control, adaptability, and flexibility, ultimately resulting in successful and efficient project outcomes. If you are confused about the selection of the best concrete material for your upcoming building project, join hands with ‘The Thames Concrete’. We will guide you in the right direction.