Advantages of Making Custom Notebooks

Advantages of Making Custom Notebooks
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Notepads with a logo are widely used in advertising because they allow you to implement a simple and effective marketing algorithm: they are always in sight, thanks to which they form in a person’s mind the idea that he knows the company well, whose identity he regularly encounters. And we can only trust the brand that we know.

Making custom notebooks of original design does not necessarily serve an advertising purpose, but most often this is the case. Even in the age of information technology, almost everyone who works in an office or remotely uses paper for writing. In many professions, you cannot do without notebooks. Journalists, bloggers, writers, industrial engineers, industrial safety inspectors – everyone needs to take notes as they work.

But there is a big difference between a notebook bought at a stationery store and a custom-made notebook. The second one will not just have the inscription “Notepad” and some kind of neutral image. Such notebooks are designed as part of the corporate identity. They contain the company’s logo and slogan, and possibly some additional information (for example, a brief list of services and communication channels).

Making custom notebooks serves the same purposes as mugs or T-shirts with a logo. Firstly, it is respectable when a company has printed products with its own symbols. The client immediately understands that he is dealing with a serious organization; this increases the status of the brand in his eyes. Secondly, the notebook received during the promotion is highly likely to be used by a person on a regular basis. This means that he will constantly see your corporate colors and logos. This creates a sense of trust in the company’s products, which its potential client seems to know (although, perhaps, he is only familiar with you through this very notepad).

What types of notebooks are there to order?

They can be typologized according to different criteria. Modern notepad printing technologies allow printing houses to produce premium quality products in almost any format using any materials. In terms of purpose, notebooks are divided into:

  • They are used for notes and reminders. Typically, such notebooks are lined as standard, and the pages are labeled by date.
  • Calendar information and/or tables of various formats are printed in the internal block.
  • The format does not differ from diaries, but they are used for personal rather than work notes.
  • For drawing. Printing notebooks of this type involves blank sheets without rulers or marks.
  • For notes. The peculiarity of products in this category is that the sheets in them are easily torn off.

Sometimes notebooks for creativity, recipe books, etc. are allocated. But in fact, the content of the internal block can be anything. At the request of the customer, the printing house can print a ruler, a square, calendar data, special forms and tables. If we approach the issue from a practical point of view, the type of binding is more important. Notebooks to order are:

  • Pierced;
  • On rings;
  • On springs.

Types of sheet binding

Fastening with screws and clamps is possible, but they are used less frequently. A popular option is detachable connections, which allow you to easily change the internal unit or part of it, increase or decrease the volume of the notepad as needed. Sheets with rings and springs are easier to tear off; stitched ones, on the contrary, ensure that the owner of the notebook will not tear out the sheet with an accidental movement.

Another factor that determines the price of a custom-made notebook is the cover material. If everything is clear with the sheets (usually offset or coated paper, less often designer paper), then there are many more cover options. Here are the main ones:

  • thick paper/cardboard;
  • natural or synthetic leather;
  • Plastic, wood, textiles.

Design options can use almost any materials, including polymer and combined ones. The question is how necessary is this? Obviously, the larger the batch, the lower the cost of one copy. As always, budget constraints must be taken into account.

After all, the price of a custom-made notebook with a cover made of genuine leather will be significantly higher than if you use cardboard. Moreover, a lot depends on the design – a cardboard cover is not only cheap, it is universal; you can print any image on it, while there are very few options for finishing leather.

That is why it is important to order the production of notebooks from a trusted printing house that produces products of any format from all types of materials. Equally important is decoration and post-printing processing – die-cutting, cutting, UV varnishing, lamination, etc. it’s not quite right, but for an important presentation event, it makes sense to order a solid notepad with a logo to make an appropriate impression.

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